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  1. Any one catch the mongoose in the commercial for the truck airing all the time the Tour de France is on..,,,,,
  2. picked up some trinkets in different colors,Dia-Compe seat clamp for the Kawasaki bike....Early 'trading' of the good stuff...Parked twice as the Police were saying they would tow...!.Bigger tubesquareback Redline being rode around with perfect Patina..!
  3. Put the post here as there ha'vent been much activity in So.Cal...Valley Relics museum,Chatsworth,91311.....N.B.A.vintage b.m.x. show and swap meet.......May 7th...10-3p.m...
  4. Early pic.lucky buster track...my brother coming thru....Steve r.i.p...
  5. That's me in the give away ad.I am on the left and on my race R.&R...Still hunting that bike down..!.Thanks for all the help as it fills a lot of 'holes'.
  6. Happy to have it.Friends are asking questions like are the moto mags early....Is it a white lightning..or.?..Early square back original tires.Thought a member would be interested,good home thing...
  7. This is how it was raced...Gearing changes were about all that was changed...What's a set of 'clean' 1st gen. moto mags worth..?..Would you keep it built up,or part it out...?.
  8. Have looked for my old r. & r. Forever. A friend called out of the blue saying he has my brothers old racing bike. Can I get help with IDing and dating???? White lightening frame????
  9. That is my brother at Jefferson Elementary in Burbank,Ca...Interesting sidebar-We went to school,and hung out with a skater named Tony Harnell who later became the singer for TNT, a Norwegian rock band and he is now the 'current' singer for Skid Row..!
  10. Can the collective help me date this pic..?.Hobie board and a Redline squareback.I found this picture glued into an old photo album with a lot of Carlsbad skate pictures..!.Any other skate and b.m.x.combo.pics out there..!.?
  11. You check out my R.andR. superlite I raced way back when,in my content...Might have a lead on it,a-lah pickers kinda' thing,let you know..!