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  1. Then get a real one and don't fake bullshit bikes . I am surprised to to hear A. that you like it . And B. that this style bike appealed to you . I know you lean towards the late 70s bmx rather than the more early moto style stuff . Which is cool you liked this type . Real ones are still pretty affordable .
  2. And more lameness ! A repop of the Kawasaki B-200 . http://www.toxicbicycle.com/bike/mtx_en.html
  3. anyway to collapse all the forums on the forum page ? you used to be able to click on the minus sign and make the forum list shorter . and it looks like a the friends list is different now too . only some of them show .
  4. really mike ? it did exist even if in very small number . and one made now would be exactly that . a repop . just make something that never existed like a 26 " if someone just has to make one . just like true torch is making webco cruisers . i wont buy one of those either . but they are not a repop of something that was ever made .
  5. Also, the blue frame is smaller and has a shorter wheelbase. I talked to Thom this morning. He said he liked the one with the longer wheelbase better. I'm looking in to making a run of reproductions that will be 40-Year Anniversary editions. They will be signed by me and Thom. I'm working on the details. LAME ! Nothing is sacred anymore . Just because someone can does not mean they should . what a shame . How many times can this hobby jump the shark ?
  6. THANKS everyone . Sorry for the delay in in responding . A lot going on right now . I am stoked that my bike was chosen to be part of this . These frame are crazy cool . And pretty hard to come by . So I was beyond lucky to be able to get one . Thanks again for the kind words .
  7. Hey it was a shot and I took it. Nice to see you posting here Wayne. I was told you were at the show in June but I never got a chance to meet you. I was over in the area where that Newport mono was on display. Donne the guy you talked to about it later told me how much you liked it.....NOT! It gave us both a good laugh. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, even though in this case it was a blatant rip off to boot! Actually it was William that he talked to about my Newport Eagle .
  8. I am not sure what those girders are . But they are not Matthews .
  9. Thanks to you and Mel for asking me to sit for you . It was an honor to be part of this amazing project . I cant wait to see the rest of these images .
  10. JMC , that is not a scorcher . the scorcher has the teardrop top tube . not the down tube .
  11. right on michael . killer as usual . i have two gutsy ones to build myself .
  12. NICE ! i loved it when you texted it to me . love that i can see it even better now . i kinda dig the rubber boots on there . extra moto looking !
  13. what happened to his stroker pics ? they were there earlier . now there is a quad