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  1. picked up the frame set a week or two ago local. added some parts I had. still need to figure out were i put the chain's LOL . well here it is. if it rides nice I will do some part swaping if not well no need to.
  2. Drop me a note POPS!!!

  3. not finished need to change up some parts.
  4. You might ask Mike from CRIT plate . he made custom plates to be handed out with the frame sets. that was the story I was told.
  5. there ya go Patrick hook up reilley. I don't have the Traker or forks any more or I would sell ya a set.
  6. My old Denny Owens I liked the look of the bladed fork so that is what was on it. but the round one on the table does not have the same drops. the search goes on. bladed forks look like same drops round ones don't
  7. the Traker Denny Owens model had a round fork.
  8. Patrick any Idea on the year . did they come on a bike??
  9. Dyno made some plastic goods prior to making bikes. Dyno Brake guard Had one on my bike in 83. Kerry I have no idea about that plate . looks nice but can't say I remember them.