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  1. First generations were a chrome body with aluminum flanges. 1971-1977 Second generation has the gun metal colored bodies with aluminum flanges. 1978-late 80's Third generation was a full machined body with engraved logo. 1989ish After the third generation I am not sure of the changes until they came out with the completely new BMX design in 2014.
  2. Chrome Nickel Paint Being a racer and banging bars, I never liked chipped up frames.
  3. A few guys helped me figure it out. It is a Powerlite Bulldog. http://bmxmuseum.com/forsale/172196 The red one below is a 1984 also found in Portland, Oregon
  4. I have to sign on any time I go to a new page.
  5. I have gotten so much different info on it. I think the best info i have right now is what I got from Mel Murphy. He believes it was welded up by Jack who welded all the frames for Powerlite and JMC. The dopouts and brake bridge are definately Powerlte. What and for who the frame was built for is unknown. Mel was going to try and rech Jack to see if he could find out if he built it. The frame is cool as hell in person. The pictures do not do it justice. I'd like to sell the darn thing as I am not into freestyle, but I need to know what it is and how much to sell it for.
  6. I may be possible that Jack who did the welding for Jim Melton built this one up. I am waiting to hear back.
  7. Its not often I get stumped, but I don’t have a clue what I have here. A little helped would be appreciated. ¼” Thick Dropouts Serial # 86332