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  1. hey steve... some new parts. and i did a run of 2,000 of my 22 logo sticker and covered my bars, forks, and seat post with them. i had to finally put some of my own flavor into my bike...
  2. yes... thank you rob. it was nice having some takes some shots of me. normally i am behind the lens. some nice angles... good work.
  3. it's a good thing i trim all my body hair... the fire was a bit warm. steve, the guys that were riding were all shreddin... eric just shreds more. thanks for getting some pics. until next time.
  4. here are the pics that i shot during the Sunday! Bikes 24" test night... Sunday! Bikes: Jim Cielencki Odyssey BMX : Jim Bauer G-Sport : George Century21 : Alvin Mullins by for now...
  5. I will be there for NORA Cup and interbike... what hotels are you guys staying in... see ya there...
  6. steve... that was great... the riders in order as appeared: Bira Santos Eva ____ ? Ben Snowden Lawrence Werrell i never knew that he named his cross legged tailwhip the pineapple express.
  7. Yep... Brian "TAZROC" Garcia did paint allot of bomber stuff... i grew up with him in Oregon. he lived in Eugene and i lived in junction city, 12miles away. we were all on a flatland freestyle team back in 85 - 87 when we were still in school. we did some shows at fairs and road bike races and other local events... one other guy on the team you all might know is Jesse Puente. Me and him both moved away at 15 - 16 years old. he went to Los Angeles and became to this day an amazing flatlander... http://www.jessepuente.com/ Brian Garcia moved to Los Angeles some time after to continue his art career. http://tazroc.com/tazhm.htm when i would go back home to visit i would stop by and seee brian spraying bomber stuff at the warehouse. i had another buddy who rode with that worked there as well "toby" i would race occasionally at nationals and in vender row bomber and brian would be there selling. brian would spray plates and pads right there. bomber was super cool... brian is way talented and a great friend... jesse is amazing and put on a great show at the venice jam two weeks ago... love those guys, my flatland boys from way back.. great thread
  8. it was a great dinner tony... happy birthday buddy/// see ya at the soul bowl
  9. axlepeg... great video... you seem to be a funny dude. i love the angry bike throwing at times... makes the video fun. great riding, i love the smooth old school tricks... keep em coming!
  10. jeff...... Wow! nice work... thanks for the slow mo with jim bauer... man he really cam close. actually looked like he hit me the way i jerked my head back... inches. here it is again. the pic i snapped before the close call... and thanks steve, i will always try to get the shot regardless of me. i'm sure i will get cracked at least once.
  11. brian blyther's not "DEAD"... sweet... welcome back from the dead brian... we got mike back and now brian, what a week it's been i love bmx