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  1. Thanks Ryan, it's a frame set that I've been looking for for a long time. So stoked that Joe came up with it and then passed it on to me. You rock Joe!! I'd love to know the back story of who built these for Coast Wheels and about how many were built. There is no serial number on this one to be seen and the Bassett blue looks to be original even though the ad states that it was available in black or red. Someone stated they saw an old guy riding a black one at Newport Beach some years ago....
  2. Came out really good Ryan. Looks very true to the late 70's/early 80's roots. Dig it!
  3. That's bitchen Rob! Dig the Slayer decals.
  4. Great job on the video and your tribute to your Dad is really cool. I dig it a lot! The vintage motorcycle footage is rad and how cool is it that your Dad has the top speed record!! Top notch for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Anybody hear if the swap is still on for the 19th? I have a pile of goods and an Impakt Sidehack to unload....
  6. Most likely Glenn, but not sure if Dave is into the BMX scene still? Glenn's daughter is really fast and a great kid! We see them at the track every week. I'm curious who was one the Race Inc also.....I know Bill Schwimmer still has his original blue Peddlepower. ~Greg Ok, just realized this was brought back from 2 years ago...haha. Yep, Glenn and Bill as stated on the first page.
  7. Happy Birthday Kev!! Hope you have a great one.
  8. Totally dig the old school Van Halen and Tuf Neck Pro Model decals!! Man, Ryan, this is such a killer ride!
  9. Haha...isn't that just a pisser!! Some guys I tell ya...some guys.
  10. What the?!! That's a score for sure!! The cook Bros goodies are super cool. That Uni-Clamp is worth some cash man....lucky dog!!
  11. That's a crazy time capsule find right there. Just shows that there is still some incredible finds out there. This one is nothing short of incredible. Damn. Love those cruiser bars and that Sugino stem. They really set it off!
  12. Love this ride, man!! Great job on building it up and good use of parts. She's a sexy bitch for sure!! Not to mention those tires are SO BITCHEN!!!