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  1. Been there done that and would do it again ........love the TA 24's mine was a bit big for my taste but so nice to just sit and look at if nothing else. The real deals in any form or fashion makes me smile.... very much a grail but one mans trash is anothers treasure. Old BMX bikes does it for me in all sizes and shapes : ))
  2. Only one guess on who the lil guy is #2 next to Greg Jumping? Top pic is Jamie B The lower was Greg and Stu but those were easy...lol Come on guys step up to the plate....lol Rod
  3. Oh yeah Greg and Bryan were both in adds from time to time. Greg being the world champion one year made him the go to guy in the adds and such. Greg and Brian also made the trek out to the left coast to take on the big dogs and were very respected there. That was a bit before MCS they were riding for Trainmate then. Also a little fact about Jamie Burrows he was an MCS guy before and after Thruster, here is a pic of JB prior to the Thruster days Question..... can anybody guess who that lil squirt is jumping next to Greg Esser????? Answer tomorrow .....maybe.......lol
  4. MCS= Moto Cross Specialist They were doing motorcycle parts and it moved into BMX. One of the few BMX frames that were 100% Cro-Mo most of other brands out there used mild steel for the drop outs and brake bridges and gussets. Look at an MCS frame and how thin the drop outs were and most of them you will find are not worn ans spread like the other brands were. This is the early days of MCS up till the Magnum start in 79'
  5. Hey Guys! If you all ignore MCS you will lose out on a very cool brand, they were totally east coast but oh so cool. Was a grass roots company owned and ran by the Esser family down in florida. The magnums are what most people know of but there are a very few older and much cooler vintage MCS frames out there. This is a picture of my nickel plated 1975 MCS racer. The next cool MCS was the Z-1. They also had the lower end Spiders at this time and they were also a cool frame will post some pics of my MCS group in a bit. I wonder how many of you know how many different stems MCS made in all the styles?? he, he!! Rod
  6. I'm thinking this is that early GJS prototype frame if I remember right. Rod
  7. Thats the 3rd gen stem arround 81-83 or so I would say. They came in anodized colors all the way till the final version. Rod
  8. It's a National Pro, they did a few different sizes/ lengths of that frame, that may be the expert frame is why it looks so different. VDC build them as I am sure you already knew. Cool frames love that tubular type gussett. Rod
  9. Wait......... I think I know that frame...........That bike came out looking very nice.... By the way I have one of those that like that one on that GT cruiser in the torker colors Yellow/black email me if anybody is interested Rod hotrod1ga@aol.com
  10. No emails from you Mr Neil in my in box........Dont know what email your using but I have none from you since 5/21. Will email you. Contact info is as followed: Rodney Miles Email: hotrod1ga@aol.com Phone: 770-296-2016
  11. Hey Koo! Man that thing rocks, and thats a great color combo you have going on there. Totally early 80' look and I will bet that thing rides smooth!!!! Bang up job on your choice of parts and the build!! Rod
  12. Comp II With the huge block tread. God what I do for a set of black comp II's love them tires. Rod
  13. Hey Jeff, Thanks for the post, yes doing much better in the health area still, not back in top form but doing a whole lot better. I did shoot you an email back as soon as I got home tonight and also my number. But if you missed it....... Talk to you very soon! Rod 770-296-2016