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  1. Thats the kind of thing I love about OG BMX...you know they broke some there so came up with a grass roots fix. Just like on some of the frames we see over time...
  2. Its hard to say something is perfect as the connotation it imbues, but this dang near that. What an amazing capsule in such fantastic patina. Truly one for the ages. Killer one Jeff!! Love seeing it in action, what a rad bonus
  3. He had a bunch of unexpected weight loss late last year, kinda fits the bill now. I too was sceptical, but seems to be true unfortunately. We got on fine enough, but hate to see anyone in this situation... Overall, seems the evidence would support his condition.
  4. Mel and Dennis Dain are 2 people I could listen to forever...great stories and just genuinely good folk.
  5. If the shit gets crazy, hit me up...can fit quite a few in the Astro and we are in a very safe spot. Huge propane facility behind the development that will get heavy tanker cover, plus fallow fields surround us. This is the craziest shit I've bore witness too. Phoenix was the first t own I started bumping around when I moved here... I swear you can feel the sadness and despair just in the air...people were walking like zombies with what remained of their worldly possessions...fuck I need a break 2020, just fuck off already.
  6. Damn I love the internet...above, you can see I received a PM from the dude that built these wheels, and boy did he drop some knowledge. I received permission to repost what he said here: I was shooting the breeze today about the bad old bike days, and decided if (I left the biz in '96) there was any evidence I'd existed. Enter the magic of Google. Well, you seem to own a unique bit of it. Those wheels were for my personal BMX bike which I built in the mid-80's. I was more of a road racer, but the shop (later 2) my partner and I owned also sponsored a BMX team in the Maryland Suburbs. But I figured I ought to play along so I built a Redline with a bunch of nice stuff on it. Couldn't ride worth a damn, and never caught enough air to give an ant a nosebleed. Still have a nice scar on my left shin from Hutch pedals though. Can't really remember where or when I sold the bike, but it was probably around '89. Most of the wheels I built were for road bikes, and some track stuff. I can certainly tell you I didn't have any in the '84 games, but I did some support for riders at that level. Some of my wheels won medals (the secret is building them for fast riders) at the national level and may have gone to worlds but did not win there. My philosophy was build strong, not tricky. I didn't really care for aero spokes, preferring DT straight gauge. With 14 gauge spokes and the right rim you could put some pretty beefy boys on 28 spoke wheels. Also like 3 cross as the best strength combination. Of course, wheel technology now has changed so much it's a whole other world. But for those who appreciate retro, here's how I did it. Pick good durable rims. The heat treated stuff was just starting to come out at the time, and it made a big difference, the treatment kind of being a hard box over a softer core (think Samurai swords) I was partial to Mavic, but Ambrosio also made good stuff. Stayed away from light rims like Fiamme Yellow Labels, they were too soft. Next hubs. Liked Phils for BMX and Mountain bikes, but did mostly Campy for road. Spokes... As mentioned liked DT stainless 14 gauge straight the best, very strong. Used one of the Specialized spoke length calculators to determine the exact size needed, plus you would use two different sizes on the rear (freewheel, non freewheel). Now the secret weapon. The Phil Wood spoke machine. It could cut and thread spokes to within 0.5 mm. So you only had to carry 1 very long size of spoke. I'd dip the threads in a mix of 50% Phil Oil and 50% Marvels Mystery Oil (just thought it was sort of mystical, other lube would probably have worked too) Using the exact size enabled you to get maxiumum thread engagement in the nipple at the same time you got maxiumum tension and trueness. After stressing the wheel a bit to seat the spokes, and re truing they could go a long way before you needed to touch them again. Had one set that made it 20K miles without retruing. If you really wanted to make them tough, tie and solder the last cross. Glad there's still a pair I made out there. Thought you deserved a bit of the history. I might still have some of those stickers out in the shed. Ed
  7. With all the change in the past year, you are due a break my man. Can't conceive what it must take to pull this off, gotta be frustrating for those us not computerly inclined. Rather the bandwidth go toward the Big Show myself...ready to provide assistencia on that when you start going in earnest....let a cat know. Hope you have safe travels and a fantastic holiday. We shall break open bottles upon your return
  8. Pics will indeed help, but that serial would denote Pro Raider or perhaps something mid to late 80s. They were non existent or shorter in the early days, and generally all numerical.... Post up a pic, would love to see what you have.
  9. Holy crap that is cool!! Thanks for this link. Enjoyed thoroughly...
  10. Forgive me if I'm wary of the "old stuff, assembled now" stuff. Essentially, if it didn't exist in whole form back then, its not "real" vintage parts. We've been through the Skyways and Champion frames made from "newly found" stock....accept it for what it is, but just call it newly made or whatever. I mean if its all real, except welds, plating, anno and the inserts than its a new product. Something ain't right here, don't know what it is, but I'm less than thrilled these are out. In the beginning, this was such a seldom seen part that some thought they didn't exist. Now to find out there were boxes of parts left. Next thing you know, the prototype flite cranks will mysteriously appear.
  11. Try a MooseGoose...vintage Mongoose designed by Danny Oakley, a tall fellow that got after it on the track.
  12. Even crazier, the house I lived at when the GT was here is less than 5 miles from where the quad was...if that. That is too cool... life is funny like that. The two trickstars I scored on craigslist a year apart in late January years back were from all over Nor cal but were purchased from the same bike shop. Neither were near to the shop or each other. That shop just had what people were searching for at that time