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  1. Pics will indeed help, but that serial would denote Pro Raider or perhaps something mid to late 80s. They were non existent or shorter in the early days, and generally all numerical.... Post up a pic, would love to see what you have.
  2. Holy crap that is cool!! Thanks for this link. Enjoyed thoroughly...
  3. Forgive me if I'm wary of the "old stuff, assembled now" stuff. Essentially, if it didn't exist in whole form back then, its not "real" vintage parts. We've been through the Skyways and Champion frames made from "newly found" stock....accept it for what it is, but just call it newly made or whatever. I mean if its all real, except welds, plating, anno and the inserts than its a new product. Something ain't right here, don't know what it is, but I'm less than thrilled these are out. In the beginning, this was such a seldom seen part that some thought they didn't exist. Now to find out there were boxes of parts left. Next thing you know, the prototype flite cranks will mysteriously appear.
  4. Try a MooseGoose...vintage Mongoose designed by Danny Oakley, a tall fellow that got after it on the track.
  5. Even crazier, the house I lived at when the GT was here is less than 5 miles from where the quad was...if that. That is too cool... life is funny like that. The two trickstars I scored on craigslist a year apart in late January years back were from all over Nor cal but were purchased from the same bike shop. Neither were near to the shop or each other. That shop just had what people were searching for at that time
  6. We need them all out in a Pleva style garage/beer cave to sit and admire them... Can bring my park stand and a rack of suds, we'll get these done. As an aside, this may be the second time this bike has been to Medford or environs. I think this is the bike I bought from Brian and sold back couple years later. Did not want it to go, but am stoked that this is how it ended up...if this is the one.
  7. is this position still open? I can't do the early SE knowledge, but bring NorCal ingenuity...would also like to know if tele commute is a possibility as the commute would not be great. Can drink like its free and am no stranger to sleeping in bushes...
  8. I have always loved this Tuf Neck I have...unsure of timing on it, but its a zank little guy...
  9. It could be that was just the way they put them in...but in normal times, we flip them like that if it is a switched outlet. Isn't always both plugs, but oftentimes is... Beautiful bike Brian. So stoked to see you going all out again...
  10. Man, what a killer read! Don't know if I have seen this before. These stories really resonate with me...
  11. Seems to happen more often than we think...
  12. I knew that one was fishy... Hadn't heard of the Hutch bars though. Need to send JDB lawyer over there lol.
  13. Love a good Redline....such a clean, uncluttered design. Having Stuart stomp everyone on one helps with the pedigree as well...
  14. Good to see you out there working it still!! Nice to see stuff still being found...
  15. Voted for 2. by far the best...
  16. This is so astonishing...love seeing old days footage, and this you can smell that dry dirt blowing around!
  17. No more iconic brand in Socal back then...maybe OP was close, but if you skated or BMX, had to be Vans
  18. Man, another absolutely killer show...so many people and legends just bumping around. So cool to see bikes from previous events as well as many new killer builds. I don't know how you guys keep jamming these out...Props! As a killer sign of the times that was pointed out to me was that all class winners were OPC crank. Core to the max y'all!! Thanks Steve, I know first hand what these take to do and can't thank you enough my man, what you facilitate with these is amazing. We have to do this again! Mad love everyone... hope to see you all again soon.
  19. Me and JKraig coming down from PNW!! Its on like donkey kong. Can't wait to see everyone!! Is this the year the elusive Brian Hays comes out? The old mod squad coming? OMG so many things.... lol