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  1. Wow, I've never seen that before either. Very cool!
  2. Cool bikes! I like the RL20-II best. That hazard yellow is my favorite color on those.
  3. Cool to see some pictures! I haven't missed the show in years but had another thing I had to do yesterday. With working Friday night to 6am Sat, I just couldn't make it. This is a very cool place for the show too. It's pretty big and heated, room for riding off to one side. Can't wait for some more pix!
  4. Not from The BMX episode, but a little something at the begining of one of the episodes from season 1. They were pulling him over for riding in the street I think.
  5. This is not on one of mine, unfortunately, but here's sticker from the shop I got all of my bikes at from 85 through the early 90's until they closed. Burbank Schwinn in Burbank IL. I'd sure like to find one of these one day, but haven't come across one yet.
  6. I finally want to finish up my blue/white Profile Prostyler, chrome Wilkerson Airlines, chrome 2-Hip and maybe my 84 Haro. I'm really close on two of those, not so close on the other 2, but that's my plan.
  7. I would say it is too. Very cool! I've got an 84 Master I'm going to finish one of these days. I always liked the Sports better than Masters, but in the long run I ended up spending more time riding a Master instead.
  8. Cool! We used to ride at night a lot. Those would have been cool back then, never had a set though.
  9. I just watched Jaws II the other day too. I'll have to check it out again for that.
  10. That would be cool! I just came across another pic of it on Facebook. Not sure what it's from, just saw someone had posted this in a post about the new Quad 24" freestyler.