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  1. That pad set and that seat match it perfectly. I may have to copy your build when I put together my 98 challenger!
  2. When Moller responded to Jake, he said that it was indeed a Severin welded frame. One thing I've been meaning to do is check the serial numbers on the Severin welded "S&M 24" frames to see if there is a 007 24.
  3. Nice build Steve!! My favorite thing about these bikes is the fork. I have never seen pics of one up close. Is it a "front loading" dropout (if that makes sense). What is the other hole behind the dropout? Just a decorative hole? It's not a dual dropout fork is it? I like the choice of the tall bars as well. Nice build, I enjoyed looking at every picture!
  4. I wasn't saying that it was a redneck. Simply that it resembled a redneck. Meaning, it looks like Mazie took the redneck design and smoothed the edges.
  5. I've never seen one. Looks like a redneck.
  6. Yeah, I sent him an email a few days ago. Hope to hear back soon. Thanks for doing my dirty work Jake.
  7. Those are awesome.
  8. In order to keep this thread moving and active, here is a picture of how my cook bros made "S&M Fork" has the dropouts welded together. I'm having my buddy look at his cook bros made maddog to see if the dropouts are welded together like my 007 frame. The frame will have similar dropouts to "007," but that's a totally different brake bridge...I love anomalies!
  9. And in his second post where he just woke up a thread from 6 years ago.
  10. Start your own thread to push your own agenda. Or put it in the for sale section.