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  1. I've been saying this for a while " John Palfreyman one (many) of my original BMX mentors and BMX heros. Also, JP's brothers rubbed on in the "Palfreyman Way" Victor Palfreyman, Peter Palfreyman and Philip Palfreyman. (Perry Kramer gets my props in another post). That being said... the above provides some insight regarding the "methods of my mayhem."
  2. JP has epic coded into his DNA! On the starting line JP would stare at me in the eye and growl! Total intimidator!
  3. Important Evolution of BMX question for all of you who know and lived the deep roots of bmx from the early 1970's to the mid 1970's. There is no dispute that the genesis of bmx evolved form Motocross: 1) People riding Husqvarna's, CZ's, BSA's, AJS's, Etc. 2) European Riders like DeCoster, Roberts, and Hallman visiting the USA to race events like Westlake, GP, Hopetown GP, Inter-Am Series and Trans-Am series just to name a few. Making a long story short - the above provides a broad explanation of why kids all around the USA who enjoyed riding their bicycles started making mock Motocross tracks in their neighborhoods and backyards. We all remember digging in the dirt building jumps, berms, mud hole jumps, etc , etc! I can say with confidence that bmx started in pockets/neighborhoods all around the USA all at the same time. From FL, GA, NJ, TX, OK, CA and many other states BMX grew organically at the same time and in the same way. My local BMX scene (pocket) was in Van Nuys. At the very same time across the Valley Mel Stoutsenberger, John George and many other Valley Kids were doing the same thing we were but we didn't know each other. The same goes for kids in San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Newhall, Bakersfield, Northern Calif and so many other places around the country. To me everybody was doing it at the same time but in different geographical locations. Now this leads me to ask a question and get a consencious on something important: I have a observation based on the above - to me their is no single "Founding Father of the Sport of BMX." Seems like there are indeed founding Fathers of BMX in specific geographic locations around the country? Examples: Who founded NPSA BMX in Florida - Founding Fathers of BMX in Florida? Mr and Mrs Esser - NBL BMX - Florida Founding Fathers of BMX? Who founded BMX in the East Coast, Gulf States, Midwest Great Lakes, Great Northwest, etc... etc. A whole lot of founding fathers here for sure. You get the idea.... Deep bmx roots all over the USA not just California. Although California BMX did received significant above average media coverage for obvious reasons, I would like to make very important distinction - in the grand scheme of how the sport of BMX originally evolved, I personally feel that California is not the "Grand Poobah" of BMX evolution or be associated as the single Genesis of bmx. Hope that makes sense? Back to my question " to me their is no single "Founding Father of the Sport of BMX." I could be wrong though. Next question: who is your nomination for Founding Father of the Sport of BMX in your geographic region or state. I read on someones Facebook wall recently that they were laying claim to the title of "Undisputed Founding Father of BMX." With that said - I declare, I declare, on this day August 29th 2014 I officially dispute the claim and grandiose notion that one person lay claim to the sole title of Founding Father of the Sport of BMX.
  4. I think the Tank cruiser shown in the BMX Action Mag feature and DG BMX Catalog was a bike that was imported from Taiwan when Gary Harlow still owned DG. First Generation - 26" Vulcan BMX Race Frame with normal seat and chainstays with the reinforcement tube. Second Generation - 26 Green Duck Cruiser (three bar - looptail) with green duck stickers. Third Generation - 26 Green Duck Cruiser (three bar - looptail) with more traditional DG moto inspired frame stickers. Four Generation - 26" Vulcan Looptail BMX Race Frame Note: the 26" 3 bars frames are not bmx racing frames.
  5. Those two ad's jogged my memory. That i think that 26" Tank Cruiser Cruiser shown in the above two photos where imported from Taiwan. I doubt (I could be wrong) it was made in the USA.
  6. That would have been done after I left. I don't recall any details about the TANK Cruiser. Sorry.
  7. When I was a skater in Jr High School I enjoyed reading and drooling over photo's of Shogo Kubo. He had wicked cool style and skated for a cool team named Zephyr Competition Team. One day when I was skating the keyhole bowl at the Marina del Rey skatepark Shogo Started session in the keyhole too. I was beyond myself nervous but this cat was cool giving me advice on my skating. I'm very sad to hear the passing of this great skateboarder. RIP Shogo Kubo Photo; Front Side shredder - so laid back - so awesome to see!
  8. A few details about the original DG's 26" Vulcan BMX Racing Frame. This frame production used traditional chain stays and seat stays and was constructed with 4130 chromoly. I dont know the exact number of frames that were produced, it was a los quantity production run, probably less that a total quantity of 100 to 150 max. I could be wrong I'm going off my memory - one of my jobs at DG BMX was to deliver and pick up raw frames to the powder coater and chrome plating. Since the parent company Green Duck was both the manufacture and distributor they didn't need to do large quantity production runs, The Vulcan 26" Loop Tail production started just after I left DG BMX and moved back to Los Angeles. Not long (less that a year) after I left DG the owners would cease operation and close its doors to DG BMX for good. Based on the what was happening inside the company I would say that the actual number of Vulcan 26" Loop Tail's that made in to market was relatively low. Bottom line.. the Vulcan 26" Loop Tail's are very rare. The time spent working in the production shop, handling the post production product finishing, packaging and shipping help me gain a tone of valuable experience that i would put to use when I went to work for WSI - Western Sates Imports the parent company of DiamondBack and Centurion. Harry Leary and I would travel together visiting both Japan and Taiwan for DB's bike production. Awesome experiences visiting SHIMANO Japan, OBC - Oriental Boeki (Trading) Co which is the Parent company of Tioga BMX and many other fun adventures.
  9. Here are a few more 26" Vulcan Loop Tails http://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=4589893
  10. Any one remember Gilbert the Race Inc frame builder? Think he worked at Triple A? I my memory is right Gilbert would end of being a big part of GT's aluminum frame program.
  11. My contribution for May of 2014. I want SFV BMX Pioneer Sodbusters feedback on this gig. They also have two other Moto inspired T Shirts on the website - Valley Teen Center BMX ( NBA's third BMX Track Location) and Indian Dunes MX http://www.merchmethod.com/valleyrelics . Yes, these shirts are Repops. A bit of back ground on the vendor Valley Relics. Valley Relics is a independent effort to preserve and document the history of the San Fernando Valley. Valley Relics founders have a physical museum and are proactively building a movement to locate, preserve and share some amazing photography, historical artifacts and much more. So... yep they are Repoping BMX T's but not to exploit and profit form 1970's BMX - to keep the museum open and this project alive they have to cover the annual expense to keep the museum open. They have a respectable collection of BMX memorbilia and do have a passion for all things Schwinn Stingray, Mongoose Bicycle and BMX. Check the Valley Relics Facebook page for some incredible History of the SFV https://www.facebook.com/valleyrelics