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  1. thanks Al ! I was thinking same thing, I got the white tuffs and some freestyle tires, dyno and haro both in stock but they are both blackwalls, and yes the place selling it said 250 were made also, all signed and number by Bob.
  2. anyone got any links to info on this bike ?? 2004 Haro Master Freestyler thinking of buying one cause I like how they "look" but would like to get real info before dropping that kind of cash. How much were they in 2004 ?? thanks
  3. Amen to that, or any help or respect for that matter.....
  4. that's a perfectly valid reason for archiving, that clears all confusion in my head that has kept me from sleeping tonight, now I know. Most folks dont own their own www servers host files, and photobucket and others can be pain, so it would be easier for most anyways. So with that said, for sale type threads you would benefit GREATLY from users hosting off site .... dave
  5. How do you get repro decals made ?? I have seen decals made in custom fashion, like that skyway ta pit and the skyway decal looks stock but instead of saying XL Xtra Long it says XS xtra small. Plus I would like to repaint a 2008 bike I have but have no way of getting new decals for it once I rip the original ones off. thx
  6. Out of curiosity why is this ?? I am sure you have a reason but it seems using less of your bandwidth, and expensive storage space would be the norm. Just curious since my Phd is in designing and implementing these types of technologies. dave
  7. thanks Scot I agree, I am still looking for a fake fork to use with the damaged ta frame I have, and I am either going to sell the ta frame and fork set or put it together to take away the urge to take a hack saw to it
  8. Does the anodizing hurt the steel, or does the acid pre-treatment do damage ?
  9. Ok so not many people have an opinion, or just dont care, so new question. I will spare the NOS frames, and I now have a 1984 TA frame with a pinched brake bridge that I will use. Now since these forks are about hard as anything to find is there anything out there more plentiful that somewhat resembles the aero forks on a TA ?? If I decide to sell either of the NOS frame I would like to be able to sell them off as a f/f set as God and Skyway intended. My "real" bike all have skyway forks, but since the pit is for fun, and will still somewhat have value since it has all old school NOS forks on it, would it really hurt to spare a set of skyway forks ??? I mean if I took the bike to a show, it seems to me that they would downgrade me for not having skyway forks more than anyone would appreciate I spared a pair of TA forks and made somebodys day by passing them on to resurrect a new build. But then I keep having the thought of, "what the heck" chop the forks and throw the frame on ebay as an orphan.......thoughts...... Dr. Indy-
  10. Was wondering if it was pretty strait forward in breaking down and reassembling DX pedals. Didn't want to take apart and then never get them back cause of some little "issue" I was not aware of. was thinking of just sending cages out to get new anodizing done. It was so much easier to jump in the car for 10 minutes and buy a new pair for the weekend, not that easy anymore..... thx Dr. Indy