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  1. Here is a trick to remove Powdercoat. Blow torch it lightly until the surface is slightly brown (like a perfectly cooked marshmellow) then it will wipe right off with some steel wool.
  2. Who are all these people????? LOL
  3. Please, could everyone just limit comments to a few sentences at a time. My attention span isn't what it used to be and Cora isn't here anymore anyhow!
  4. Here are my 2 cents: Back in the day HUTCH offered lifetime warranties with their frames for about 1 year. After they stopped offering this it appeared that "lifetime" took a new meaning. They took a huge loss in replacing frames in that time period so they removed this warranty. They took this loss because of one thing, the bikes did not hold up. Yes they were designed very light and strong, but just not strong enough. Underestimating the physical stresses the average BMX rider bestowed upon their ride, lighter was not necessarily better. The point that cracks me up is the "integrity" comment of HUTCH BITD. Example: 1) Buy a bike with a "Lifetime Warranty" 2) Crack that frame within 9 months (but the warranty is no longer offered) 3) Fight with the local bike shop you bought it from because HUTCH won't replace it for them 4) Threaten to sue HUTCH for bait and switch, and they agree to replace it "this one time". 5) After not having a replacement for 4 more months you finally get your frame? 6) Replacement frame also cracks. 7) Get a GT and never look back. John, I think you are on the right track. If you make frames just build them stronger, and stand behind your marketing commitments.
  5. I ran down a 16 year old kid with my bimmer for a GT MACH1 from the 80's. Q: "Has anyone seen Brian P?" A: "No, but I have seen Craig Crap!"
  6. I need to contact John. Can someone get me in touch with him?
  7. Ed, I can take care of this and send you a private email. -Bret
  8. Air compressor works great. Otherwise use the skinny screwdriver with just water works and you don't add chemicals.
  9. 86's were available in GT Blue, White, Green, Lavender, Pink and GT Show Chrome. But I don't know about 85's.
  10. Ed, James Robbins and I counted 122 bikes (including the Huffy Monoshock and JMC that had already taken off with shinglehead). Those are COMPLETE bikes (no frames or framsets were included. Also, no raffle prizes or SE for sale bikes were included in that tally. Great turnout guys!