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  1. Steve, great job... It is starting to do well I hope it hits atleast $1,500. Xavier
  2. Some of the riders that showed up this year. Josh White, Dino DeLuca, Martin Aparijo, Eddie Fiola, Blyther, Mike D., Dave Nourie, Robert and Ruben Castillo, Brent Hernandez, Ron Wilkerson, Jay Eggelston, Simon Tabron, Danny Hubbard, Steve Broderson, Steve McCloud, Ben Snowden, Donavan Ritter, Marc McGlynn, Maurice Meyer, Woody Itson, Sean Tarrant, Derick Orie, Paul Nolan, Rich Sigur, Coco Zuritti, Catfish, Shad from Oregon, Oscar Gonzales, Mat Hoffman, Steve Swope, Alvin Mullins, Corey Nastazio, Ben Ward, Tim Oshea, Stephan Prantle, Robert Moller, Rainer Strecker, Peter from Germany, Jared Souney, Joe Johnson, Pete Augustin, Andy Shohara, Marlo, TJ Lavin, Dennis McCoy, and so many others. Everyone rode hard both Friday and Saturday, sorry if I missed some of you. Xavier
  3. Another one to write down in the books. We had such a great time. X
  4. Cool stuff Jeff, You have some great footage.
  5. I spoke with Dave the other day and he is doing good, he wanted to say he couldnt have pulled it without the support of everyone... He told me it was going to take two more weeks until he can be back to normal? X
  6. Whats up TO, what year are those forks I have some like that? Xavier
  7. Did webco make a single gusset with the hole in the center like the double gusset? I have a bike I received from a friend and it had skyway ones with chrome Redline forks without a front brake hole? It is light metalic blue with Webco decals and it looks original but I have never seen one like this any help would be great I will try and post a picture. Xavier
  8. Dave is the man!!! He will bounce right back and be just as crazy!!! X
  9. Steve, great job with the interview and Chromey cheers to you also. Andy your stories are so cool and I know talking with Blyther he has many found memories with you in them. Good times, Xavier
  10. I know others took some more pics. Thanks goes to the LORD Voelker for bringing his X-Games Ramps once again, That kid in the last shot is Lawrence Worrel and he is Sick!!! another rider that is from New York and lives with Ben Snowden. Acouple other riders there were Scott Twiford, Koji Kraft, Mike Perenti and some sick 15 year old named Daniel. Rich Sigur, Andy Shohara, Paul Nolan, Robert Castillo, Steve Swope and Alvin even showed up. Toby Henderson brought his family and there were 2 magazines there to shoot other phots including Fudger from RIDE Magazine and Ben Crocket from BMX Plus. Good Times... X
  11. OK, this is a little wierd? I think I have it. Cool shot Brent