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  1. I would say after 83, likely 84/85. I was still using the plain Powerlite decals with a little shadow in the font but no lines horizontal in the letters. (In 83) Also the headtube font is different on the later models. Also the round chrome decals did not have the frame model within the sticker, prior. They were just universal rounds used for bars, posts, and the seat tubes on the frames.
  2. Ultramax cranks, two times at least. My last set had my name engraved in them and I would not ride em anymore sold them new at Merced. Chains, and Skyway pedals all breakage coming out of the gate. Only used one Zeronine plate ever, real nice red color. One crash and it blew up, cracked right down the center, and a bunch of the slots cracked as well. Pulled the velcro out and threw the rest in the garbage. .02
  3. The cruiser rider looks like he has the same forks as the mystery mountain bike? Tom Lueck swiped the top hat for the old fart photo in BMXA from his partner in BMX tracks Eddie Menez. Other riders in OTP jerseys, Kevin Mc Carthy, Stephan Coleman, and David Lueck. I think Robbie Standford as well? I have a cool OTP promotional frisbee. If I can figure out how to post it up I will.
  4. I use FB to hang with BMX buddies who would not be here. Kind of lost my steam to build new bikes and haul them around to bike shows to get 2nd place. Lost a bunch of enthusiasim here over the animosity regarding other pursuits that are not BMX. .02
  5. The mold belongs to the owner in the case of injection molding. So A'ME would not have retained Oakley's mold being the property of Oakley. Somebody had been to Oakley's HDQTs and saw the molds in a display case, I can't remember who. .02
  6. Used to be a Co sponsor for me. Hey D arren, if those red pads are leaving let me know. Thanks,
  7. I never understood the production reason for not putting a bead on the Tuff Wheels. Even as kid with lathe experience I toyed with the idea of cutting just a slight relief for a bead. But never did. .02
  8. According to my ruler, that would be about 7 inches.
  9. Thanks Steve, that probably won't work out. The bike is showroom. Really super clean. But I thank you. Just figured out I twisted an info thread into a "wanted", sorry about that. A.G.
  10. Anybody have a set of JR pro or MX in alloy laying around? Thanks,
  11. I spotted a kid on a squareback as I was getting on to the freeway. Pulled over, freaked out my wife and kids. She said, "You aren't going to buy that are you?!" "Naw, just give me your good camera." Asked the kid if I could take a pick of it, he knew it was cool. Said it was his Dad's or uncle's old bike. I though it was neat how he slammed the seat and fitted it to his own purpose. Not sure how to upload pics anymore. I will try.
  12. I got beat at show with a bike that looked refinished with parts that were not really era correct. I was beat here with era correct parts ond OG finishes, and a refinshed bike beat me out. Just did not want to do it anymore after that. .02
  13. Will a Tange TRX fit a 20 and 1 3/8 skinny up front? I don't have one around to test or measure. Thanks, A.G.
  14. Right out of the gate I wanted strength. We had pretty flimsy Western Flyers, and we just bent the crap out them. My first heavy duty bike was a Rampar R10 with long steel cranks, and heavy duty wheels. It was awesome. Once I got into racing strength was still important but to lose some weight was becoming important. Like trading my wasted three piece alloy crank set for a one piece that just bullet proof. Yet light alloy wheels were still hot. As it went on, drive train part strength became really important. No Ultramax cranks, or cheap chains. But if at all possible rotating weight was reduced. Never went 20 1 3/8, but the last year it was possible to run a 1.75 up front and not crash out. .02
  15. PS. Truly I made 10, 11 and Cal 4 for my buddies. I never offered them for sale for free only. .02
  16. Well i could be ass backwards then. I have no memory past 83. Probably I got my first pklate in 80-81? And had a different font? I would post pics but have not figured it out since the forum changed. And I was the guy who sent you reproduction ABA numbers for your plate by the way.
  17. They made different versions, that Tex one is later. As far as I could grasp BITD districts were designated by area code. In Ca. Cal-11 was all (916) Cal-10 was (209) and Cal-4 was (707). In my area it was easy to figure out because rivers marked the area codes and if you crossed one the district changed. Could have been counties, but more than one county had the same area code. .02 I made some earlier ones with a different font. A.G.
  18. It wasn't long after DXs, I can remember little kids running them. Think team Diamond Back or Leary had a preference for them.
  19. One other weird flange note for Tuff 2s. My Suntour cassette Tuff 2 was wasted from the cog jumping off due to a chain alinement problem. LBS shipped it to Skyway. It came back with a steel flange spin on freewheel setup. Not an alu alloy one. Weird.
  20. You can do it on a standard size frame, I am thinking of doing one myself. It looks like a light early teen bike. I have found that some mini forks won't fit them though. Might check on the fork you are planning for clearance. I used to race Bubba Hayes and he did really well on them. You might look around for some of his photos with them... A.G.
  21. I can just tell if it looks right, or plausible. I know a good amount of 70s cheaper stuff, and 80s to about 85. I had a guy beat me in a show with a rechromed Centurion, with platform pedals that came out after DXs. The whole time I just lost my drive for it. Nevermind original finish, or era correctness. By that time in the 80s even the Centurion would have been tossed aside, granted if it had rat traps I would have conceded and would have been fine. .02
  22. Those are nice! Jealous over here. You know, if that show is geared to road, it may just a perfect place to continue making good picks. .02
  23. My little cousin had one BITD with Motomags, same color yellow. He started racing on it, only it was too big. Shorter cranks, shorter single stem bars, then his parents realized the Motomags with a coaster was slowing him as well. His Dad got pissed, went back to the LBS and bought him a decked out "Mini Ripper".