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  1. The original 3 Panda team members I think turned out to all be excellent motorcycle road racers. Dave Busby, Dave and Allen Scott were all excellent Bmx racers and motorcycle racers.
  2. It is a small world Rick. Elaine’s accomplishment always amazed me. Through the time her brothers were racing Bmx she really had no interest is cycling (that I could tell). The dedication, the amount of training and the mental toughness to do that race and to win is unbelievable! Thank you for your service Rick.
  3. That would be Danny Mariolle. Two of his older brothers were on the Silver Shield Team also, Kevin and Ray. The Mariolle family was full of outstanding racers. Oldest sister Elaine won the 1986 Race across America and is a member of the World UltraCycling Hall of Fame. Dave Busby is in the background. Terry Barker in the middle and im on the right.
  4. Great A&A Survivor. Still my favorite frame to ride. I wish I would have kept the original prototype Ray Abrams gave me. Unfortunately it burned in the Oakland hills fire of 1991.
  5. Excellent work Rick, that’s how they were in 1975.
  6. That is a really well done video. I didn’t see Spike in there. Great shots of McClarren park and Merritt tracks. Had to be 1975 because I was on a Champion and Oakley was on Moto Pro.
  7. Great to see you on the board Garrett. The Silver Shield stickers from Alameda are really interesting (and old). They pre date the Champion frame by a few years at least. Silver Shield got involved in BMX at the Butters track in the Oakland hills. They gave gift certificates to the class winners and I remember going to the store in Oakland then, That was 1973, the Champion didnt come out until 1975.
  8. I dont think its an A&A. A& A head tube gusset was a single plate in the center , not two on the sides and the rear triangle had a brake bracket welded in.
  9. Cleaning the garage today and found this.I think its from the RC Cola National. Me and Tinker with Stu in the back.
  10. This is one of the first A&A frames produced. Ray Abrams delivered it to Silver Shield bike shop a few months after the Gold Cup in 1974.Best handling bike I ever rode.
  11. I remember going there with Danny Oakley in 1974. It must have been a pretty new place at that time. All Schwinn frames and Ashtabula parts in 1974. As I remember lots of bent forks from the jumps.
  12. We were a popular team in the early days. We started with four riders and it grew to about a dozen when the shop closed. Most of us went to Hank and Frank bike shop and we started the team there.
  13. Here is a picture of Dave Scott and me at McClarren park about the time that was filmed.