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  1. happy birthday

  2. 1981 catalog states the chromo OM is 5.1lbs Basically you are saying Scot doesn't know his own product? The add says 5.2lbs. Scot told me this afternoon 5.5 lbs. Mine is exactly 5lbs even. Again this was taken to Scots and I was told exactly what I am writting. You have his # call him lionel.
  3. There were two 531 om modles produced. The one pictured is a triple butted modle that weighs 3.8 lbs. The one I listed on ebay is double butted .025 to .020 this is according too Scot with that frame weighing 5lbs. as stated in the listing. The regular 4130 chromolly one is 5.5 lbs made from .035 except the downtube was .049. This goes too show companies such as SE made products that most of us know nothing of, I never knew Scot even made a 531 OM until I took mine over to Scot place and he Schooled me once again on SE products I guess the best teacher is the maker. Anyway I just thought I would give this info to this post for people were doubting the fact mine is a 531 OM. Maybe Scot will reply to this and confirm it after all Scot is SE.
  4. Wrong person to go after partner. I don't deal with the drama, i don't deal with the internet tough guypersona. I was asking a simple question. You want to go personal, hit the PM button under my name as I won't be dragged into the name calling routine that you seem to be attracted to. Even better, talk to me at one of the local events as you are pretty close. I am not attracted to it you asked some dumb ass question and I sent you a dumb ass reply. you don't get involved in it, you just initiate it right?
  5. you are such a dick! I bought these from a shop, you're the scam, and the envious buzzzzzzzzzzzz off. tell your tweeks they might care.
  6. Unjust negativity? Hmmm...OK. Well, it appears that this guy powder coats LOTS of parts, and he must tell the powder guys to cover everything with powder. By the way, the person who bought that T/A fork is a member here. Check out that same seller's PK. Look at the threads on the fork and the inside of the B.B. shell. eBay item no.: 290207313576 wtf is wrong here? You need to quit haten, why you so jelous? I get tired of the bs from guys like you that start up contraversy when it shouldn't exist.
  7. you should be banned for asking stupid questions!
  8. here is a pic of some hubs I [have] . I thought I would post them here to se if I am correct. Thank you, you guy are great at parts ID. I hope it is ok with you guys to keep posting stuff like this. C-ya
  9. what i am wondering what bkind of frame is in that pic i posted. Only because i never seen one before. is the sting comp and the SX2000 the same?
  10. come on members what do you see? please remember I am a newbornin need of some schooling so i would appeiciate anyones input. Thank you and God Bless
  11. I am interested in owning a schwinn sting comp, only after talking to my bro on the telephone mike poulson, he said they ride da kine. I would appriciate it if anyone had pic and what are they goin for, i know nothing about these.
  12. How rare are these grips, I don't have any I am a new member and never seen them!! How much does something like the AM'E cams cost? What colors are avail from hardest to find to what is more avail if any.Waffadog out!
  13. yhat is preety sweet. where do you get the info from, you the king bro. Kudos to you
  14. My SE Big Boy Bars are 7.5 x 30" and were made around 1987-88. Your bars are freakin' huge! They look Robinson but you may want to see the GJS bar for similarities? L8, 21 do you think you can help or point me in the right direction?