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  1. Looks different than the GLJ. Might be a Whitney Marine but they didn't use bucket seats like that. How much was the seller asking? Do you know him?
  2. I know where the bike is...I just want the old photos of it if he still has em...
  3. I can't seem to find it. This is the trike I'm talking about....the photo I'm after has Gary Littlejohn riding it around Kevin's old neighborhood.
  4. Many years ago, KRISTEVIN posted a photo of Gary Littlejohn riding on his old blue 3 wheeler trike and I'm having no luck finding it. Anyone have it handy?
  5. I'm 6'2-6'3, so, the best for tall people is what I'm after. I like both the race and the beach cruiser style. KOS, CBR, OM's, double downtube Champions, all have nice long top tubes which are comfy for tall dudes. Other bikes can be made more roomy with lay back seat posts, Tuf Necks, longer reaching stems and bars with less back sweep...
  6. Depends....26" or 24"? Also, are you looking for a comfortable beach cruiser or a race style cruiser? The old Laguna and Bassett 26'ers make for nice comfy beach cruisers. The GT's make for nice race style cruisers. Also, if you're taller...some frames fit tall dudes better than others without getting into laid back seat post and stuff like that. It all depends on what you're looking to do...
  7. Some of the CBR frames came with a threaded Euro BB shell and some came with a "mini" press-fit shell. Your's looks like it could be a press-fit style but I'm not sure.
  8. The only other 1st gen/prototype Champion we've seen surface is this red one I spotted on the strand last year. I got to take it for a ride which was pretty neat. The geometry is similar to a Schwinn I'd say...totally different than the 2nd gen/double downtube Champion.
  9. Here's the nickel 1st gen/prototype from the article, Dean's original build. The blue 1st gen Champion which is also shown in the article if you look close. Dean on his 2nd gen Champion from the April 1980 article.
  10. Yes it is the exact same frame. The rider in & writer of the article is Dean Bradley. Dean had 3 Champion frames given to him by Buddy Carroll at Champion who made those frames. The nickel 1st gen, blue 1st gen, and red 2nd gen that is featured in the April 1980 article introducing that frame(double downtube, rectangular chainstays). Dean sold that nickel 1st gen on ebay to Jamal Spelling who still owns it today. The whereabouts of the blue frame is unknown. The red double downtube is owned by a vintage MTB collector after changing hands several times. The last photo you posted previously under the Champs is a Gary Littlejohn.