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  1. I wish Gary all the best in what he pursues. My JC Team Jag is clearly stamped on the rear dropout in plain sight. I'm all for originals - and I have an original Team Jag. But, the original is just plain difficult to ride as an adult. Gary did a tremendous job on my frame/fork and I am truly happy with his work. I wanted something that reminded me of all the great times I had riding one as a kid - but for my "adult" sized body. I ride the snot out of it! Thanks Gary! Jeremy
  2. In Hawaii only one bike shop was authorized by Skip to sell the Mongoose line. Mongoose was the most popular bike with kids here in the 70's. Other bike shops from here could carry Roger Decoster, Super X or any other BMX Product offshoot. One bike shop here would have kids go and buy out all the mongoose frame decal sets from the other bike shop. They would then resticker their Decosters as Mongoose and sell them to parents who didn't know any better. I am sure that might have happened in other states too. Jeremy
  3. Man you NAILED it with this thing! I keep coming back to the thread to check this bike out. So clean and beautiful. Love the Forks too - You got me wanting one now. Jeremy
  4. OK I hope the purists don't bash me too hard for posting this here. My new retroJag - Tribute frame/fork. jk
  5. AWESOME!!!! So When are the GOLD Hazard Lites coming out?
  6. Beautiful bike! The toptube length on the ZF1 makes the frame look right. Man now I want one. I think there are still some NOS decals ou there. jk
  7. Sweet! I rode my friends Mob and had to have one. Felt like a MTBMX. I got a chrome one waiting in the wings for funds. jk
  8. Anyone give the black chrome a try yet? I have a 08 .38 special 24" I want to have done. Are the prices for black chrome astronomical? Anyone got pics? jk
  9. Hey Doug, What kind of rims are those? I'm having a hella time finding some gold 20" race rims. jk They look like Answer alumilites. (I think that's what the stickers say) Wow, been a while since I checked into this thread. They are indeed Answer Alumilite Ti wheels. Great set of wheels. Luckily, I traded some old school stuff for them, because they are a little pricey. Doug Man those are nice! I just wish they came in 36H too. jk
  10. Another member mentioned to me that this thread was active again. So here's the latest. I did recieve the Jag padset a few weeks after I started the thread. Another OS member 21windowkuwahara helped with finalizing things. I really appreciate that. To be fair to Alfred I should have updated the thread when I got the padset. I apologize for that. Alfred also did throw in another JAG BMX crossbar pad as he promised. Alfred really does do quality work. I am happy with the product. I do understand that taking on such endeavors may be difficult. Most of my transactions on the internet are done with Paypal. Paypal has a 45 day window. After that the buyer is on his own if no product is delivered. This is where COMMUNICATION is key. I have dealt with other's in the bmx community where I haven't got the product and the 45 days have passed. But, they kept me informed and in the loop. Alfred, I'm sure you are a good guy and if you can communicate better during the process I am sure things would be much better. You do make a QUALITY product IMO. Bottom line is I am happy with the product so I am willing to give you another try. Just keep me in the loop bro. jk
  11. I ran a 6bolt for years. They held up great for me. I wish someone made a 1 1/8 version for my current build. jk
  12. Glad you enjoy them. Just trying to repay your kindness brother! jk
  13. Hey Doug, What kind of rims are those? I'm having a hella time finding some gold 20" race rims. jk
  14. Pete, All your builds lately have been rockin! But, this one is my absolute favorite. The S&M sprockets are cool aren't they. I picked one up for my Team Jag build. jk