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  1. That's twice I've screwed up posting. haha Thanks for the kind words. Yes, that's a PMC sprocket on the SX. It took some machining to make work, but I think it looks cool.
  2. Here is some of the stuff I've had over the years:
  3. Jon, they are both 1.75, but it looks like the sidewall is taller in the rear. I'll swap them. Good looking out.
  4. In support of the new Mid-school section here on the site I thought I'd contribute. You know how it goes, these things are almost never finished and can always use a tweak here and there, but I'm comfortable enough to share them.
  5. Thanks for the shout out, Trevor. It turned out killer. I like your style, kid.
  6. Should hit me up. I live in San Fran now. I'll be at the show this year. I've always wanted to attend. Stoked.
  7. Awesome pics, Matt! If the bike is a rider then I'd go with a padded GT drop nose seat. Those look good and are comfortable as well.