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  1. After a huge pairing down of my BMX collection (due to a move of residence, and some financial needs) — I do have a gem in the queue that I'm planning to build in 2015. This is/was a NOS 1990 (WAL) Wilkerson Airlines frame. I also somehow managed to find a used fork, and an NOS Bashguard for it. I have most of the parts that I want to build it with - I just need time, and to clear out a little more space. I'm thinking Springtime project.
  2. Killer work Joe. That bike deserved some care and De-modification to get it looking right. Nice careful work on those front pegs! It was amazing to see this in person!
  3. That's awesome. Great to hear him speak. He's so humble. Congrats to Martin. Totally deserved!
  4. I just noticed both pedals are NJS stamped (small circle) above each of the MKS logos on the cage/traps.
  5. Very interesting. I never knew bout NJS certification - I'm not that hipster. Thanks for the link reilley1 - Now I won't feel bad just giving them away. I work with 2 guys who ride Fixies. I'm still a slave to the single speed freewheel & front brake action.
  6. Hi Mark. Yeah. I assumed so. The 9/16 Spindles on these pedals look very nice. Definitely thinking use the spindles and possibly caps, to salvage some nice KKT Lightenings, or something like that.
  7. Does anyone know anything about these MKS Sylvan Pedals? I got them on a road bke recently. Just trying to figure out the era, seems to be the same logo used on most of the early 80's BMX pedals that we all know and love. Lots of other visual similarities. And the alloy caps look the same too. I don't ride clips, myself. but the cages look pretty nice.
  8. Some random Blyther goodness I've saved on the ol' computer over the years. (sorry I don't know who to credit for the shots — most probably Oz & Windy, but there are some gems from regular old freestyle fans out there too). Dom Phipps posted a lot of these on an old Haro thread a long time ago. Too good not to save for my own archives. And... This is my all time absolute favorite pic of Brian Blyther. --------------------
  9. Amazing pics of Blyther! Was he riding a real Huffy? I know Stu and others raced some restickered RL's and Skyways at some point - due to the unfortunate Huffy geometry. i imagine riding ramp woul dbe even harder with a big lazy head tube angle. But Flyin' Brian is amazing anyway - I'm sure he could get any old bike to go way up in the sky.
  10. EXACTLY!!!! WOW. This is so well done / and matched up, in so many way.
  11. Ha.. This is awesome James! Loving the old shots, the bike/build upgrades, and especially the over rotated wheelie picture. Really cool that you were able to get this together.
  12. I Totally want to see this bike. What's the downtube say on that Fred Blood card?
  13. Wow. that bike is crazy cool. Really digging the Fusion cranks paired up with the Tioga Cd Chainwheels. Great looking build!
  14. Thanks Steve. Yep. Chrome and White were the only options for the Master in 84. And I think White was the only option for the (Mike D.) Sport. ( I think Rich Sigur might have changed the world when he spray bombed his white sport Green in 84 - and made everyone want wacky colors). I had a chrome 84 (2nd gen.) Master frame set for a while - but didn't build it because I was sort of hell bent on having a white one. I would have settled for any of the three generations from 84. And I just lucked upon (with patience) the very first version. Also, I'm pretty sure the GT Mallet was available in later 84 with some of the GT's that were coming out — Performer, Pro, and Team Series bikes. Either way - they were freakin' everywhere by 85.
  15. Hey guys. I feel like it has been ages since I posted a new build — I guess it has. Well, like I usually do - I'm never rushing through my bike builds. I kinda waited until I had all the "just-right" parts to get this one together - so that I can enjoy the combination - and the ride-ability of it. — I was lucky enough to get an original-finish (paint & decal) 1984 Haro Master frame & fork about 2-3 years ago. It's been sitting around waiting to get built for a while. this one was USA-made in the Torker Factory. The whole build is all original finish — No restored parts anywhere on this bike. — In 1984, there were three different versions of the Haro Master — just within that one year... This one is the first gen. of the three versions. Actually, not too many are accounted for in the community. This particular frame set has all of the early features from the early batches — before the chevron stampings began, before tubing sizes changed (from smaller to bigger), before coaster bracket was moved up, and other small changes, etc. Generation 1 and 2 were still made by Torker. The frame set is essentially the same as an 83 Haro Freestyler - but with an upgraded solid gusset — and was the very first bike in a long line of awesome Haros to wear the "Master" name. I was kinda bent on getting a white one too - since my 83 Freestyler is chrome. And White paint was sort of the iconic symbol in the 84 line. — That being said, I didn't want to do another cookie-cutter "Bob Haro" replica build like most people do when they build an 84 Master, although they are impressive and it makes sense since he was the man to spread the good word of freestyle back then. I really wanted to make this bike my own with parts from the mid 80s that came out around the same time + or - a year or two. This build uses parts ranging from 82-86 (centering around 1984). I built it as though it had been assembled in 84 and upgraded over time as more and more functional freestyle / bmx parts became available. I'm really embracing the specific level of aging and patina on the finish of this bike - using most parts with similar signs of use in the original finishes. The little nicks and chips here and there really bring these parts together in a nice way - and finish off the bike just the way i like it. Enjoy some pics. Parts List /// /// /// ——————————————————————————— Frame & Fork - 1984 Haro Master (1st Generation) Handlebars - Redline Forklifter - Freestyle Stem - GT Mallet Grips - ODI Mushroom - Version 1 (Original) Cranks - Haro Group 1 - 1st Gen BB - Sealed Suntour / Anlun - Alloy Cups Chainring - Tuf-Neck 44t Pedals - KKT SMX Tires - NOS Toiga-Mitsuboshi Comp ST (1.75") Rims - Araya 7x - Chrome Hubs - Chrome Suzue "Light Alloy / C.P. Finish" 36h Seatpost - Haro Fluted (from 86 Master - origiinal decal) Seat - Cycle Pro "Shot Gun" (1st Gen, Double Stamped) Seat Clamp - Tange SC-2 Chain - Nickel 1/8" Headset - Tioga "Bear Trap" Rotor - Odyssey Gyro - Orig. Blue Calipers - Dia Compe Nippons (Orig. Ano-Blue) 85-86 Cables - Dia Compe "85-dated" + Orig. Odyssey Gyro Cables Brake Pads - Dia Compe - White Compound Levers - Dia Compe "Arial 182" Tech-7 Pegs - GT Steel Tube Rides (Rear=Shorty / Front=Long)