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  1. dam I almost forgot this thread // the bikes look great
  2. I saw that bike outside and forgot to ask about it it was pretty clean ,, by the way we had a great time thanks for having us again Brian
  3. Look at his feedback he sold like 6 hutch post that look fishy too
  4. I just revised my post :) I see the tube bends too
  5. greg I do see the difference now that you mention it they do look like elf forks
  6. they are early forks ,,, the early ones did not have the 2 tack welds on the inside,,,,and without a doubt they are GT
  7. I have always wondered the same ,,, my 82 starts with 6242xxxx
  8. Robby your such a Bleeding Cunt,, :Special Salute:
  9. I will trade you a predator !!! nice grab was that local Brian !!!