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  1. Hi Woody am on vacation in HK now. WOW!! Had some time to read through the post. I gotta publicly THANK Woody as the guy sent me 4 signed repop SST Command seatpost decals FREE. Called me @ home before my vacation regarding the decals and whatnot. I was giddy like a school girl to say the least!!! My OS rider hero still to this day! My only complaint. Your dog gone rides or replicas we build have some of the most pricest, rarest and most innovative parts ie SST Command seatpost, SST Signature Woody coaster hub! Worth every penny Woody! Someone sell me a used SST Command seatpost. Pretty please!!! PS My 3 year old son used the NOS Pink HUTCH Woody bars on our pink TS build as one big drumstick!!! Only a few tiny nicks found. My fault for leaving stuff laying around. Now everything's baby proofed.
  2. Hi that would be me It's been paired with our lonely SST hub!!