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  1. lol, brah, i went to SCROC too, nice stories, do you have any of the race incs you welded.
  2. this bike is perfect. i cannot wait to finish my race inc 24, i just hope it comes out half as good as this one. this build can go in the race inc hall of fame.
  3. does any here remember seeing those race ine cruiser bars on ebay that went for $1900.00, i'm sure glad i kept my race inc 24" cruiser complete with race inc cruiser bars after all these years ( since 1984).
  4. very nice looking bike, i love race inc 24's and yours is one of the nicest.
  5. i love 1piece cranks. i have a couple of builds that are going to be using them. also i'm sure that that big tube is pretty much everybodies grail. i know i wish i had one.
  6. brah post some more pix of harbor raceway, that picture of your brother is cool.
  7. could be yours! you just have to ask lol, brah i dont even have the money for something like that.
  8. does anybody know the name of this movie.
  9. very, very nice, i love the early race bikes.
  10. looking good, but how did you get the gold skyway stickers on your mags. my graphites dont have those, are they for sale somewhere?
  11. really nice builds but like most guys on here i like that champion better, oh yeah can you send me that saber plate.
  12. cherry, loving it brah, never seen one before. looks fresh out of the early 80's i'm all over it.