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  1. Shannon you know the owner of TIP DIST in AZ
  2. All original finish and that's what amazes me, you should hear who actually bought it first Shannon. You might know him. When I get home ill check the cert Mr Melton gave me.
  3. Ok with the pads? Because they are repops? I had an og set just like them on my AP. I will say the pads look like shit repops even though they came from Jim the screen printing is crap
  4. Thanks PK can't wait to actually ride it. I think I stole this one, I think the F/F is worth what I paid complete. It was still a grip though. LOL
  5. Putting a new freewheel on today, I'll tell ya what I think after.
  6. I almost swapped them till I talked to you Kerry, it would homogenize it if I put 3pc on. It would look like every other one. I'm still amazed at the finish on this, it truly is near 10 of 10. I originally bought to flip but its now one of my favorites. Most of all dealing with Jim pushed it over the top, he is a wonderful and giving man.
  7. I keep this next to my love seat, the bike is perfect. First bike I have had with 1pc cranks since the 5th grade.LOL
  8. I know the pads suck. I really can't tell you how it rides, first day I got it back from getting the wheels relaced I took it outside and started riding. I stood up to crank and the freewheel disintegrated and I almost went over the bars. Sitting on it feels A LOT better then my AP did, kinda feels like my Judge.
  9. Sorry for the shite pics. Survivor with just a rim and bar change.
  10. Honestly who would of been more competitive on today's tracks? Say Stu and the Patterson bros vs the Anderson bros or even Christophe L. I know Gary Ellis would not have a chance. Who from bitd would be competitive from bitd in ur opinion?