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  1. Hey Josh, Hit me up at the address that steve posted, sounds like a cool project!
  2. i remember it being in ride bmx and seeing the video once--i am also looking for it. I'll post if i find anything, J.
  3. went riding with greyboy and truly odd today, snapped some pix, here's one of a sidehack endo. I tried these and they are super hard.
  4. those pics are rad. let's see who is missing here: 4. ruben castillo 7. pete kearney and brett hernandez 9. the beast 12. the beast 13. ruben castillo
  5. very classy builds, marcus. realllly diggin' them!
  6. thanks glenn! I can't cancel the rental car so I'm coming out on my own! See ya there! Anybody else need a ride from Manhattan, I have an extra seat. Leaving around 11. email me at albert.ocampo@gmail.com BOOOM! I can't wait!
  7. i totally forgot this was going on until i was already out and about for the day, so i didn't have my bike. stopped in for a little bit but my non-bmx friends were getting restless so i had to bail.
  8. Glad to hear she's making progress, B. I'll keep her in my thoughts. annnd having said all that, it looks like everybody that was supposed to be coming with me (i.e. sharing the rental car $$$) flaked out so I might not be able to make it after all. ugh.
  9. wow those were awesome,i sort of feel like i missed seeing the touring shows living in southern california, but it had it own perks i suppose.
  10. make sure she wears shin pads when she rides it, those pedals look dangerous! :excl:
  11. went riding with gerry last night and i bet him that he couldn't pull his backwards cross footed whiplash to forward rope-a-roni to smith decade combo. well... needless to say i ended up picking up the bar tab because the old bastard has still got it. (notice the 1980's style fist pump at the end... you know, for "showmanship")