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  1. You are the man Alvin! Thank you for hosting the party. We had an awesome time today, great riding, food and vibe. OMG at Mike D's fakie and abubaca.
  2. Lee is an incredible rider and just an awesome guy. I can remember when he was just the "Milton Keynes Kid", LOL, six months later he's blasting 10' airs with Greg G and the meanwhile crew. Nice one Lee.
  3. Tony Mark McGlynn Rich Sigur Alvin Gary Young Ben Snowden
  4. Thanks guys, here's a few pics that I took. Brian Lee
  5. Damn, sorry I missed you at the Nora cup Zach. I would have gone to Alvins on Saturday but I couldn't make it. Looks like you were shredding the half-pipe. I am pretty sure I have some pictures of Ben getting 9ft on Alvins ramp before the vert was added, Ben rips.
  6. Looks like Rich got a new bike, he's not on his master anymore.
  7. That looks great Alvin. When is the next session?
  8. BUMP. For those of you that couldn't make it out to cali, check Steve Blackeys link above to watch the show.