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  1. Great little bit of info there! Now I wish I could go back to 1975. At least then I'd be able to blow minds with a lawnmower or tailwhip!
  2. Sad news... Here's a video I shot of Steve and other members of this site honoring Scott for his contributions to the sport. RIP Jeff
  3. Wow, that really cleaned up nice. Even the decals look to be in decent shape. Nice find there!!!
  4. djdemo


    The other white one looks like an '87? Man, I had that same bike in chrome. One of my favorites that I had. Nice collection Paul.
  5. Hey Glenn, catch some big air off the grassy knoll in Dallas!!!
  6. Hey Steve, I made it out in '08 and '09. The beach rides that took place the night before the show rank up there with my top all-time memories. Thanks for everything you did. I know that anyone who mattered was very appreciative of all that you did. Jeff
  7. Cool story. That's definitely one of those rare things you'll want to hold onto. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Crazy - that's all I've got to say. Good to see some familiar names still at it.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted, but I just saw it the other day. So good to see Martin inducted into the bmx hall of fame. I'm really glad he's riding again too. Class act. Jeff
  10. Hey Paul, yep, I should be heading up to see Josh sometime soon. We'll probably do it then!
  11. Great post. Other than maybe Mike D, I haven't seen anyone go higher on a 1/4 pipe than Brian Blyther. Here's a few more to add to the thread! I got these from Dave Nourie a few years back. Jeff
  12. It's ashame the enthusiasm has dropped off over the last few years. Hopefully that's just online. I haven't been able to make it to the CA reunions for a few years now, but the turnouts still look really good. There was talk of an east coast reunion this summer, but unfortunately, it never materialized. I've never been a collector, but I will have a new build to show in a few weeks! Jeff
  13. Great build Matt - even better is the fact that you're riding it! Looks great. Let's see some pics of it in action
  14. Sean, man that's awesome. Nothing more oldschool than a Tuesday night session at Huntington Beach! I'd love to get out there sometime and film some of that... maybe do a video on those guys or something... just for fun. Something to post up for the oldschoolers.
  15. Hey Paul, yep, that's the contest. Josh is back in top form... well, he's temporarily disabled as you probably know, but I'm sure he'll pick up right where he left off once recovered. Great post you made on my youtube channel haha.