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  1. It's funny you should say that about tires,because last night I could tell which side of me you were on by the way you current tires were screaming(they are loud). What are you running now? Ha, ha! You should know, they're your Tioga Comp X tires still. Knobby's are really of no use on the track nowadays.
  2. My 2004 PK is what I usually ride when farting around on the street or local trails, behind it is my retro quad that you may have seen pics of with Tuffs. The quad is my track bike & I hope to put on a set of blue Bombshell hoops(machined sides) with black spokes, silver nipples and blue Profile hubs. I'm considering trying out that new Maxxis DTH tire, it seems better suited to todays track enviroment that I've been riding on.
  3. Nice vid I found on you tube of Mike Day tearing up the olympic track duplicate in the states in preparation for the games. The helmet cam really gives you an idea of how intense that track is. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnj8_EwGnP4&NR=1
  4. Very cool! IMO they should have started doing this before the olympics to get more people interested before the games. Better late than never. I'll be a spectator at the Gator Nationals 2/20-2/22 seeing as thats only a dozen miles from my front door. Perhaps I'll get my 15 minutes of fame, just look for the "old" guy with the shaved head hanging out on the sidlines riding a quad!
  5. I may have to up the cashola for the navy with silver ink, looks to be pretty stylin'. BTW love the add
  6. Yeah that starting hill is a monster. The problem was the first jump which apparently has been fixed. I haven't been back since my initial report but others I know have said that they added more backside to it & slightly chopped the top off. It seems that alot of parents were not allowing their kids to go there for fear of the inevitable so changes were made. The qualifier is this weekend there so I'll pop down & have a look. I'll ride it again the following week and let you guys know how it is. In the meantime I've been riding three times a week at Tampa BMX, which is closer to home. They changed the track over the holidays and really did an amazing job. The track flows extremely well and almost feels like a downhill course. It's suited for all skill levels and really just a blast to ride on. I go there and ride almost the entire practice session with just a short break at the halfway point to rehydrate. It's just so much fun that I don't want to stop riding. If you ever find yourself in the Bay area I reccomend you check it out.
  7. Thats pretty sweet, I'm totally digging the candy red. Nice build!
  8. Some of you here may know and have tried out the new St. Pete BMX track as I did this weekend. The grand opening was saturday for an all day practice session starting at 11am. I arrived promptly just after 11, suited up, stretched out & proceeded to climb Mount Everest. My Mt Everest analogy refers to the starting hill which is the steepest, longest & highest I've ever been on. Even more so than Riverview BMX. Initially nobody was running the gate so it was roll & go. By the time I reached the bottom I had to scrub some speed as I approached the first jump. Despite this I still get a bit of air on the first lip then launch off the second lip to find there is barely any backside to this huge jump resulting in my quad not touching tierra firma until the bottom of the jump, scary to say the least. As I got used to it I scrubbed more speed at the top of the first jump which resulted in landing halfway down, which felt better but I had no momentum when I hit turn one. Overall I wasn't as fast as I can be at Tampa BMX because despite having this huge starting hill I can't maintain any momentum through the course due to all the speed I have to scrub in preparation for that first monstrosity of a jump. The turns are all 90* so getting any speed there is difficult as well. Another disadvantage is that they are not yet paved & rather bumpy at this time. It was faster to stay low in the turns but beware loose soil there, we all know what can happen there! The jumps coming out of turn one will, like it or not, elevate you and are well constructed. You can also choose, or be forced onto, the pro section jumps which will result in big air. I, as has been discussed before, avoid big air so I stay away from that side. Let the kidz have their fun. The rest of the track, overall, is pretty good but still needs some work & revisions IMO. My only other complaint is that the rythm section is short & you can't really pump through & make speed there so much either, at least I couldn't. They did have the gate up and running for a bit before the compressor took a shiite. This enabled me to get some practice "coming down the mountain" (Janes Addiction, woohoo!). Balancing is real easy due to the aforementioned angle but when the gate drops after two pumps on my 45/16 gearing I'm in the spin zone & need to start burning up my brake pads anyways due to max velocity being acheived and fear of launching on that first monster, going over it & landing on the flat due to the lack of backside on the jump. Ouch! I'm certain they are going to work out the bugs in the coming weeks, which is why they thankfully had no racing yet. There were alot of people there from all over the state who's opinions hold considerably more weight than mine. From the others I spoke to in attendance all were in agreement with my observations & opinion. It will be an awesome facility once they get over the growing pains and I'm certain we can look forward to some big national events there that will attract the biggest names in the sport to try it out. Hell, it's in Florida who doesn't want to come here when it's still cold everywhere else? I cut my teeth on indoor tracks up north as a kid but let's face it, BMX is an outdoor sport! Check out the link below for SPBMX's website & pics of they track when it was under construction. http://stpetebmx.com/997blg/
  9. I think it's great that you're out there racing & still in the running for a top spot. It's awesome to have a pro thats been there, literally, from day one still showing everyone how it's done, old school style! Best of luck this year & keep the rubber side down. Hope to see you down here in the Bay area tearing it up.
  10. Very nice Ripper there underdog. Have you weighed it yet, if so how much? I'm guessing 23lbs.
  11. This thread wouldn't be complete without at least one clip from "Rad". When this movie was released I had been honorably discharged from the Marine Corps one year & officially "retired" from BMX. I still had my Proline though!
  12. ....and doing it like their "mentor's" sans helmet! ;^D
  13. Better hurry up & get that quad chromed!!! (jk). Great find & save, I'm way jealous. I'm looking forward to seeing pics when you have that beautiful survivor built. Congrats!
  14. Very cool vid Nemo! Afterall you know the old saying, "the family that SE's together stays together". Or maybe I just made that up, works for me anyways! Come on down to FLA, the riding season never ends here. I wish I wasn't the only person here sporting the SE colors, nice that you have the family SE team going.