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  1. Thanks! I have a few parts to swap still. As soon as that's done I will get some better close up shots.
  2. Here is my latest build. I still have to swap out a few things but here it is for now. Kappa K26 Frame Kappa K26 fork Supercross bars Bullseye stem FSA sealed headset Chrome seatpost Sell Italia seat Supercross seat clamp A'ME round grips Odyssey lever Odyssey A brake (polished) Slic cable Profile retro box cranks(chrome is better than most) Rennen 40t chainwheel Profile Euro bottom bracket Crupi platform pedals KMC chain Shimano freewheel Phil Wood hubs Stainless spokes Alex DM24 rims Kenda K Rad tires 1.95 Crupi dropout protectors
  3. I built this to have at work and do a little shredding at lunch. My buddy also mentioned renting out the Flow sometime so I thought this would be better than a cruiser to hit the half pipe. Before someone asks why there is a brake lever on the left side and no brake, I will be adding a front brake as soon as I find one I like. I want to be able to do some old school tricks. Anybody have a Nippon or a BOA to get rid of? 09 Quadangle frame 09 Landing Gear fork S&M Slam bars Snap stem FSA headset SDG Belair seat Chrome post Snap seat clamp Redline double pinch 180mm Flights Rennen 44 tooth gear KMC 3/32 chain Sun Ringle pedals Alex Supra B rims Cheng Shin 20x2.125 and 20x1.75 tires JP high flange hubs Stainless spokes White Industries 16 tooth freewheel Tektro V brake No name black padset
  4. I almost contacted you about that. Sorry. It would have killed me to trade it off without seeing it built after having all the parts collected for it. That Hutch was bad-ass though. It was so tempting. If a deal like that ever came up again I would do it. I'd like to have a nice old school ride for the stable.
  5. Here is my latest build. Azusa cruiser in chrome. Sorry about the pictures. The weather stinks around here. Thanks go out to Sack, Lou, Carbizguy, race_inc, secret spin. Hope you like it. Azusa cruiser frame Azusa cruiser fork Azusa pads GT 2nd gen cruiser bars Retro Pro Neck (polished by Lou) FSA headset No name chrome seat post Selle Italia seat Snap seat clamp Odyssey lever Odyssey A brake Odyssey Slic Cable Profile reissue cranks πrofile bottom bracket Profile 130 BCD spider (not polished by me) Takagi 40t chrome chainring MCS chainring bolts KMC chain JP Pro Round pedals Bullseye hubs White Industries freewheel Stainless spokes Alex rims Comp III tires Crupi dropout protectors
  6. They actually feel really nice. I am pleased. However, I do have a Paul's Love lever to swap out. I have another bike that I am building and the Odyssey lever goes on it. Thanks, Woody
  7. Thanks guys! I appreciate the compliments! koo man, it is an integrated seat clamp. Woody
  8. Here is my latest Retro build. Can't wait til the weather gets better! Enjoy! Skunkworks Quad frame built by Supercross SE Landing gear fork GHP cruiser bars Retro Pro Neck stem A'ME grips Chris King headset Odyssey lever Paul's V brake Odyssey Slic Cable Selle Italia seat Odyssey 41thermal seatpost Profile 180mm retro Box cranks Crupi gear JP Pro round pedals Izumi chain Profile Euro bottom bracket Araya Special Edition chrome rims Phil Wood hubs Crupi dropout protectors Stainless spokes White Industries ENO freewheel Comp III imitation tires 24x1.75 rear 24x2.125 front
  9. I would like to say Thank You to Steve and alll of the members of OS-BMX. I will wear that shirt with pride! It's good to see that so many people donated to the site and to the kids. Even in trying times people will offer up support. It's great to know that good hearted people are out there! Thanks again, Woody
  10. Thanks fellas! Working on a new ride. Hopefully you'll see it soon! Woody