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  1. the "seatless layfront seatpost" even ! yikes! Very Rare !
  2. Can we Please start using "Whole Ass Difference" as mandatory site terminology from now on? Kerry, I'm feeling a new Society shirt design coming on. BMXSOCIETY.com The Whole Ass Difference Yes... it looks good on paper.
  3. because calling scammers out on the museum gets people banned.
  4. paint screened? looks like it's etched/polished in the metal or something. nineties...hmmm.. found it on an old 81 motomag, along with lots of old parts from different bikes. guess someone maybe built it up that way.
  5. I don't know as much about redline as do others. help me out...the "etching" (redline logo- not the 175 one- the second pic..) is that from old decals that was on there or did they polish tape and dull to get that effect? also what bikes was this crank standard on? years? i looked around at one point on the sites but found no close pics or details about the 1 pc redlines.
  6. you are so right... i grew to love black skin walls on the gooses,...used to be into the colors.. but I gotta say... it looks freaking candy shop pop, catalog photo, on this ride !!!
  7. wow! love black and red...and looptail.. how classy is that! jealous. ;)
  8. I've seen my neighbors daughter riding around on a fully raced-up vintage floval looptail 24" ...I tried to buy it. no luck yet..I'll ask again when I have cash. btw @ OP...cool CL score...yea... it's casual... bikes in the boxes- in the closet ho hum.. just old bikes.
  9. is that a kickstand hole.....aggghh why?
  10. I saw one of these at a campground a few years ago, with oxide astabula style forks and stem... I ran up on the guy like.. hey, what's up! I never realized how much that was a copy. looked just like a moosegoose for sure. Did say huffy on it... he was like... found it in the trash. cool find.
  11. That "stroker" frame...the one with the flat framing... man! that thing is bad ass! are those hollow tubing or solid?
  12. omg...that copper plated frame is freaking ssssssiiiicccckkkk ! stand by with polishing rag at all times..wear white gloves when handling....man if I saw that thing at a custom show....it'd get my first vote !