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  1. can't seem to upload more than 11.23mb, maybe later when my subscription goes though i can upload more pics
  2. Hello, been out of the hobby for 13yrs or so, was poking around the other day and came across this thread and was thinking I still have a total unmolested survivor of one of these bikes. It’s all original except for the grips that were changed out to Oakley 1 when the originals probably wore out, looks like the rear tire was moved to the front when it went bald and like I would have done when I was a kid is removed all the reflectors and chain guard. Other than that, its bone stock. The serial number has me a little baffled because it has no date code in the serial number on the badge, serial is 773591. Back story on this bike is a good buddy of mine was buying a Honda Civic form his aunt and uncle, while removing the car from their garage, he spotted the bike with all his cousins other belongings (he had passed away years prior to this) he asked about it and his aunt said they bought it in 1976 he showed interest it so she gave it to him. He knew I was into the vintage BMX thing so I acquired it and it has been mounted to my Park tool stand in my shop for over a decade. The bike was bought from Aurora cycle here in Seattle. Looks to be well used so it was enjoyed by her son which is cool. Schwinn Competition Scrambler Model BX5-6...........$155.95 20" Chrome-moly steel competition designed diamond frame with reinforced welds, raised crank hanger. Frame Finish: Sky Blue. Fork: 20" one-piece forged with interia welded stem, flat black finish. Wheels: Flat black finish front hub, 36-hole spoking. 20" x 2. 125" chrome plated tubular rims and 080 g spokes. Tire and Tube: Schwinn Scrambler tires and tubes Saddle: black finish racing style, with 14" seatpost. Handlebar and Stem: Flat black Sting-Ray style handlebar with cross-brace. MX style handlebar grips. Flat black finish forged steel handlebar stem. Crank Assembly: Flat black 7 1/2" crank arms. Heat treated. Flat black finish full length chainguard. 39 tooth front sprocket, 22 rear. Pedals: Diamond tread with reflectors. Weight: Approximately 32 lbs. ( 1976. ) JANUARY, ---------------------------- AM***** FEBRUARY, -------------------------- BM***** MARCH, ------------------------------- CM***** APRIL, --------------------------------- DM***** MAY, ----------------------------------- EM***** JUNE, ---------------------------------- FM***** JULY, ---------------------------------- GM***** AUGUST, ----------------------------- HM***** SEPTEMBER, ------------------------- JM***** OCTOBER, --------------------------- KM***** NOVEMBER, ------------------------- LM***** DECEMBER, ------------------------- MM***** ( 1977. ) JANUARY, ---------------------------- AN***** FEBRUARY, -------------------------- BN***** MARCH, ------------------------------- CN***** APRIL, --------------------------------- DN***** MAY, ----------------------------------- EN***** JUNE, ---------------------------------- FN***** JULY, ---------------------------------- GN***** AUGUST, ----------------------------- HN***** SEPTEMBER, ------------------------- JN***** OCTOBER, --------------------------- KN***** NOVEMBER, ------------------------- LN***** DECEMBER, ------------------------- MN*****
  3. yea i missed it by 10 bucks, oh well.. I thought i would be out bid and since i was not able to see the end......thats the way it gos. The seller measured the top tube length for me and it was 19"
  4. built this back when you could get really good stuff fairly cheap compaired to now
  5. Thanks for the information, I was worried I gave him something that was misrepresented. The wealth of knowlege here rocks.
  6. the quesion is: should it be welded in the middle of the chain stays or near the top. this is the only pic i have so others will be very much apreciated
  7. I traded a profile 24" to a good man and the way the brake bridge was welded on the frame came into question. can anyone please post pics of thier 24" profile brake bridge. If I was taken for a fool when i bought them then I need to make it right with him. thanks
  8. Wow, all that time you spent trying to find an XL, settled for the standard I sold you... then found a nos standard...then found the XL you always wanted and sold me back the standard.....built the replica you wanted to, and all that time there was a mint condition XL in your back yard!!!! awesome find Tom, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Greg
  9. heres a 1976 lrv that i built and sold years ago.
  10. finally finished the quad tonight, cant wait to see how she rides, got a nice fat seat for my fat ass. the ripper is a project i did for my cousin last year to ride with his kids. He Supplied the frame /fork, headset, neck and bars and I did the rest. He liked it so i was happy.