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  1. Thats heart breaking to read. It does put things in perspective for sure. I hope you are getting better Jason.
  2. Very cool to see. I remember going to WSA when I was a kid and riding around the track. It was so much fun. BMX was it. It's so different today, a totally different feel for sure. Thanks for posting up all the amazing old pics.
  3. That last link on the front wheel makes we want to go outside and practice. But I know my shins will pay a dear price for doing so. Not to mention my front yard is currently solid ice right now...
  4. I really liked the way those Robinsons rode. I had a chrome one BITD.
  5. Hey Jeff, killer bike and even better story. I remember racing at Azusa and seeing lots of JMCs on the track...
  6. The artist was Brians wife, Rene. She was pretty talented and Brian has never taken himself very seriously since I've known him.
  7. Very nice Claude, if I had a crusier, that would be the kind I would have.
  8. It was toyotas, long before it was porsches.... Chandler, AZ Winternationals. And yes, we slept in the truck. Stoked!
  9. I'm right there with you Brian. Love the moto-bikes!
  10. I actually think there are a lot of talented riders out there. But if it means you were world class at both BMX racing and trail riding, plus the three main areas of FS (Vert, Flat, and Street), I think the choice is easy, Rick Moliterno. Foster, Stu, Lopes, etc, were great racers, the best of the best, but by no means were they freestyle riders, even though we have all seen the early pics with stu in a bowl and Brian competing in the X-Games in dirt jumping. The best all around FS riders in the world would have to be Mirra, McCoy, Miron, and Nolli. Again, these were guys who were great in all the different areas, Vert, Flat, Street, and Trails. I didn't list them in any particular order and I believe at one time or another they all raced or tried racing at some point. So I think Rick has a pretty solid racing pedigree and the FS stuff speaks for itself. That would be my pick. Don't tell him I said it though, I will deny it....
  11. If you ever raced Corona Downhill, you would understand the idea behind running two brakes on a race bike. Especially after they added the pro section. You would be doing 40+ into that first left hand turn at the bottom. Scary track. For Freestyle it just made sense.
  12. Very cool Steve, I love moto bikes. For sure one of my favorites of all time.