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  1. It had been rechromed. I had it striped to make sure it wasnt a 20" extended. The forks had been repaired, very crapy repair, and the frame has some damage. Like crimping from a kickstand. I had it at Gonzo's last year. Everbody the saw it in person were thourghly tripped out. Wish I could get in touch with Kozi to see if he can shed some light.
  2. and...yes I see the hypocrocy in me posting this when I have a 24" Trick Star, Difference is we all know that there was never a 24 TS,I'm not knocking off TS's. It was built for me and never to be sold.
  3. I think they look TOO nice. But after they are used, People are going to sell these as OG and peeps are going to burned. Thread on museum says he plans on hitting the $100 mark for them
  4. Still looking for info on this Looptail 24 I found. Forks are Tange with DB drops marked as an '83. Frame only has the large "24" in the inside of left drop. No serial #. Its still in the works to be built, Turbo cranks, Chrome Araya's ect..
  5. I saw on a different thread that someone stated that they had stems at the anodizer. So I PM'd him to get pics Name. Joel Reynolds Museum screen name Diamondback exc Having issues with the pic. Heres the link to my museum post http://bmxmuseum.com...c.php?id=289582
  6. Ended up Trading an old Road bike for the frame. The frame has more issues then the seller put on his Ebay listing, But its still a 24"DG. Heres what I came up with so far. Still need a gold Tech III and.. I have no idea what that fork is. Undrilled and thick drops. I'm pretty sure its newer then the bike so it will be replaced as soon as I find a suitable fork
  7. Check out the pic that was put in the auction for the Aussie DB 24 Looptail But no gusset visable, prolly a Goose or Hutch, looks like Hutch forks Diamond Back Cruiser Diamondback 24
  8. Thanks Society, I generally cruise the Museum.I've always felt a "clicky" feeling here, But I knew a true apperciation for the DB 24 would be here.I was right. Thank you. -Chris
  9. Score? whats a score... oh yea i remember... I'm shutting up now I agree with if... seller and buyer are stisfied then its all good. I love the scores, I call it urban hunting. I bought a bike for $50 only to hear dude tell his friend " I just scored! that dude gave me 50 bucks for that old chrome bike HAHAHAHA" In our eyes we both scored. I got a cool old bike he got money for his 40oz. Sometimes ignorance is bliss
  10. I sure hoped you informed Jay of how much the bike is worth ,and, reguardless of any agreed upon price you paid him true market value. Just bustin balls! nice pick up
  11. ^^^^This is all the story I could get from him^^^^ He wants to stay in contact(as do I) as this thing gets figured out and built he wants me to keep him up on it.
  12. Thank's guys I'm way geekin right now. Let me back up a little. It will be chrome. Turbo cranks, Chrome Araya's w/suzue's ect. When I was thinkin Turbo. I was thinking top of the line DB Unless... I can get a pic from when dude got the bike.If I can then the build will go that direction, Or if any info or pics pop up. I want it to be as correct as posible, but since this bike doesnt "exist" it's going to be an interesting build. I do welcome suggestions.
  13. From what I've seen Coast Wheels had a few different versions of the 26" loop. Some had a three bar design or like this one just the Aero tube.