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  1. I think it’s totally understandable to wind it down gracefully from a crescendo, so to speak. The love for it never leaves our brains/hearts and it’s normal to see the physical beginning and end through it’s course. Of course, the end is never really the end. Many of us will always keep a few cherished parts or a bike or two given the opportunity... These mementos or vestigial assets may be a far cry from where we once maxed out in the collection part of the “hobby”, but the lineage cannot be erased. We can always relive our past through positive memories and existing documentation. Notwithstanding the hypothesis above, I wholeheartedly think it’s good to sell off our best assets when we wind it down... I think the reason is logical and humane... Why not let others either cherish, trade, use and abuse anything we no longer covet physically. At the very least , it allows the objects to some how live on in some last and hopefully meaningful way... For they too will one day seize to “live”.
  2. Wow!!! So amazing to see these recent pics!!! Congrats to you Steve and everyone else involved in making such an awesome event happen... I could only dream of how great it must have been. So nice to see one of the greatest BMX contributors to have ever lived be honoured like that!!! Long live Skip Hess! Bravo!!!
  3. I was lucky enough to speak personally with Chuck Smith, former partner of Skip Hess’. His exact quote; “Mongoose started as a combination of early Webco and Garry Littlejohn frame designs. “ Both companies seemed to have borrowed from motorcycle frame designs, much like Lynn Kastan with the first Tubular Offset Forks and the first Redline Squareback frames.
  4. Will never look at a Webco for the rest of my days without thinking of RT. I’m pretty sure he would have loved this. These pictures are really great and the bike has a serious vibe. Great contribution.
  5. Noice... Great photography, love this stuff! Totally inspiring, right behind you! ‍♀
  6. Fantastic back story to this and couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. You deserve it man, congrats.
  7. Sick stuff... We never had VDC Changa stuff when I was coming up, but I learned to love their frames later on and I eventually learned a lot about more about them here. Aguilar3 always comes to mind, or was it Agular2... Damn, I’m forgetting guys names around here... Anyhow, sorry to ramble... Really nice ride and loving the progression of the project. ⭐
  8. Sick frame! Congrats! And those Forks... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️