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  1. My friend Kent is a BMX hero and kind of publicity shy... He allowed me to share these fantastic pics with you guys. Enjoy!
  2. I know what you mean Brian... One thing that seems to be an anomaly is the Museum. Place still pulls huge volume and has a phenomenal For Sale section. Been the subject of much ridicule over here for years and yet, it thrives for some reason regardless of Zuckerberg... Vintage is dead, no joke.
  3. This looks cool as hell! Can’t beliwve I am just seeing this...
  4. There isn’t much point in arguing the efficacy and popularity of FB. That being said, and in the great words of my friend Jeff Spicoli... Facebook is for fags! Haha Jking of course... And for the gender fluid sensitive crowd, I mean gay in a cultural expression used within a certain epoc to describe lame. There was a time here when FB was licking the feat of our members and there was a strong pushback, just like we had against unnecessary refinishing and other great topics/debates... Clipless pedals... Geographical beefs, massive group worship of unique archives such as the Mel Thread... Anyhow... Y’all know what I’m talking about about. This site is now an elite group of survivors, no different than the best bikes we all want to collect.
  5. Awesome! Truly Odd, wasn’t your first bike a Panda? I seem to recall that epic Christmas pic or am I hallucinating?
  6. And now for some good news... I gave Skip Hess Sr. a call this morning and reached him at home in Somis. He is doing great! His fridge was on the fritz and he didn’t have a huge amount of time, but it was great catching up with him. No talk of BMX at all, however, I did bring up his old Delorean. That car came up recently in a conversation I had with someone here and I didn’t even know about it before! Haha Anyhow, he’s doing great, end of report.
  7. I don’t think there was a sudden drop in people here, I think FB took many away. One thing that I like about here vs.there is, FB is like a roll of toilet paper that gets used and discarded very quickly, I like to think this is more of a familiar old porch at a neighbors place where we can leave a more indelible and original hang/experience.
  8. Beautiful... So easy to see the design influence from GL frames on Mongoose. Congrats on a sweet find.
  9. I wonder how Skip Hess is doing these days... We need to find out.
  10. This looks very interesting... Diggin into some research, I think I’ll try it.
  11. I’ve been deeply in love with BMX Products/Mongoose since 1976. The iconic and groundbreaking bike rarely leaves my conscience for more than a month or so... Weird. I guess it may be the extraordinary childhood memory of building the first ever Mongoose exported outside the USA, sent directly from Skip Hess and hand packaged by Rick Twomey. It may be the perfectly vivid memory of popping wheelies and bunny hopping my ‘76 on that first day my father and I built it and the impression it made upon my entire neighbourhood... Like the late Chuck Smith told me over the phone... “The Mongoose was a combination of the first Webco and Garry LittleJohn frames which were the best frames on the market.” I’m pretty sure it was also the first mass produced nickel plated frame in the bicycle world. The bike was so striking and perfectly ready for off road racing, it was nearly breathtaking... The design is so good that most of them (with a little basic TLC) are all still perfectly rideable today. The Mongoose lives long and is still very strong.
  12. Citric Acid is a food additive and most people eat or drink it in some form, every day. On the other hand, Oxalic Acid is a poison. Like all acidis, both work very well to remove rust. Toxicity would be the major difference. A simple comparison to confirm this, would be to mix a teaspoon of each in two separate glasses of water. Drink the one glass that contains the Citric Acid... Wait at least 5 minutes and then write down how you feel. After that, drink the other glass with the Oxalic Acid and wait another - No wait!!! Haha Just kidding... Steve those parts came out sick. Nothing like some crisp pics of vintage BMX parts being lovelingly and responsibly cleaned and cared for. Brian, your recent PK score is so sweet... Great to see you still digging in and going for the gold. ‍♀
  13. Anyone know if Cheng Shins can still be ordered from the LBS? I guess I could wait until tomorrow and call a couple, but I’m being lazy. I’m also afraid to find out they can’t... It’s been around 10 years since I bought any and now I’ve been seeing used ones for sale on EBay for more than I used to buy them new. Crossing my fingers...
  14. After a short break and now gradually delving back into a hobby I truly love - mainly 1970’s American BMX - I could not help but to re-revisit dozens of historical Topics held within the treasures of this website. One of my favourite topics ever discussed was always the near mythical OG factory finish on the Ashtabula cranks, forks and stems from the original forge. The whole history of the town itself is fascinating... The story of one of America’s worst train derailments in history is also part of Ashtabula, OH. That horrific history and subsequent cover ups and suicides, is the stuff of novels! I kid you not... All of the above notwithstanding, when I think of the top authority in these parts - meaning these forums, Topics and Websites - who seems to have cleared the most smoke from one of the best subjects in vintage BMX collecting - Ashtabula - is Brian aka Sodbuster. Thank you Sir. I am re-aquatinting myself with all your vital contributions and becoming more and more grateful.
  15. Original decals at that age are a huge bonus as well, very, very sweet. What is the game plane for this frame set?