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  1. Must agree... This is an amazing website! Kudos to all involved. Some of my best times have been spent here. Never had a real problem or argument with anyone. ;) We're all in it for the same reasons... It's always chill. It must be my chill nature. Maybe one day I will disagree with someone and take a stand, but until then... It's always so chill. :D
  2. http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/36637-who-are-you-write-your-bio-here/
  3. My favorite subject... Not sure if these links still work, but the old mags rule. It was (and I guess still is) the primary source of parts reference around. How I miss my Minicycle/BMX Action subscription... http://oldschoolmags.com/bmx_action.html
  4. Very cool G-flash! Thanks for sharing this great story!
  5. The angle of this picture is different than yours, but to me they look very similar.
  6. G-Flash! The Webco Kid back in the shiznit! Haha! Webcos rule baby! Sorry to highjack Sod, but we're all anxious for your new Webco to arrive!
  7. Anyone notice how hard it is to find good KKT Rat Trap 1/2" pedals these days? Hate to add gas to the fire but hell... If anyone has a nice pair, shoot me a PM.
  8. Almost looks like someone tried to re-do the old Ashtabula re-enforced gooseneck thing... That's kind of a good indication of a 70's vibe, at least to me. They were certainly made for a single stem, so that also re-enforces the 70's thing... Personally, I have no clue, but they look pretty tall and cool.
  9. I've purchased a few NOS Ashtabula parts in the OG bags. It's not that rare, but always cool. JT, I'll tak those '76 forks. Hand em' over! :D That is... Unless you've already promised them to your pal Ken Pliska.
  10. Very nice... Congrats Brian. I've definitely got a thing for vintage Webcos and those early chrome frames are very hard to come by in my experiences thus far. Here's one that I scooped a while back:
  11. My Sting: http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/53324-1965-schwinn-stingray-score/