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  1. Ya think?!! LOL! Pete's about as scary as the Easter bunny! .................................................................... Steve Brothers, Thanks for the PM and I agree with what you said about Pete's rants. I'll keep it to PM's should I feel the need to respond. - controversy on the internet, who woulda thunk'd it! PJ Good, now shut the fuck up bitch.
  2. Shut the fuck up already Mr. PJ the shit sniffer you stupid fucking imbecile!!! You wouldn't fucking dare try to insult me personally in real life and you damn well know it... You want to boldly take an opening ad hominem shot on me? Fuck you pussy fucking bitch. Don't try and hide behind a bunch of stupid fucking long winded explanations either. You are not fucking Robin Hood and no one needs your to come to their fucking rescue here. I know your story... You are fat, weak and extremely annoying. You want to jump out of the blue and insult me fucking personally on the this website? I am a contributer here for better or worse. You are nothing more than a fucking fuck. Fuck you chump. This is not an Aussie fucking website filled with your dip shit drama, so go fuck yourself and shut the fuck up already!!! For real.
  3. Shut the fuck up "PJ" you annoying fuckin' poop sniffer. Go jump to the defense of one of your other boyfriends on one of your dumb Auzzie sites. Or better yet, keep posing for pictures of yourself and your idiotic friends all fat and weak while giggling and riding around slowly in small circles on US made iconic bicycles. Fucking stupid yapping twat.
  4. Haha! Ya, I gotta make a new one of those...
  5. Thanks for the clarification Brian. All good.
  6. Petty, antagonistic comments as always. It appears as though you're only happy if you're starting trouble with someone that you have a beef with - and that seems to be a really long list of people. You really can't help yourself Pete. It's time for you to crawl back under your rock. Douche. Haha! Welcome to my list then... BTW, did I insult anyone personally? No. That's your vibe, not mine. It's called ad hominum attack, used by people who have no good argument, like you. It's OK though, I can handle it Mr. PJ Penis lover. Now go change your tampon bitch and think of a better insult.
  7. "If I didn't purchase it, it would have been destroyed in the LA fires" LMAO! Bunch a bewlshit. That thing belongs in America.
  8. This picture is so totally old school 70's BMX badassness, it's just ridiculous! It's one of my all time favorites and it shows one of my all time favorite guys in the world of BMX. Not to mention the fact that Mel has been a constant presence on this site and has always contributed some of the best pictures, history and knowledge of anyone. Always cool, always helpful, always a legend.
  9. Holy shit! THAT'S amazing!!! Ha! I like it more with the same size wheels Ie, the 20" spoked ones... Also be cool with a pair of Motomags! Really cool Tandem any way!
  10. Webcos rule!!! Greg E? Where you at??? Haha! Sweet bike dude, congrats!
  11. I wish I could get a tighter timeline together on the History of the Motomag. I'm pretty sure these were cast sometime in late '74 or early '75. The Simi's with Patent numbers followed and then we had the Chatsworth versions into '77 when the first MM 2's came out. One thing is for sure, this set was super early as the castings show almost no attrition. Another cool aspect (not mentioned in the History of the Motomag), is these were not yet drilled for reflectors, which of course, makes them extra badass! Haha!
  12. Cool bike. How much snow you got Trev? Haha! I do not miss Alta. Left there in '64! Haha!
  13. Ahh... Brett. He was living about an hour from me here in Nashville. Where's he at these days? Last I saw him was at Chromemasters when we were both having some shit nickel plated.
  14. Me neither, not at all, not ever! Haha! They came with the wheels.
  15. Picked up a couple things recently, including this set of 1st version Patent Pending Simi Motomag 1's. I've had a few of these before, but these ones are the absolute cleanest I've ever come across. Thought I'd share.
  16. Got these forks with some other stuff recently and was wondering if they seem a little bent. The rake looks a little harsh to my eye, but I don't know all that much about them. Any help is appreciated.
  17. I only checked out this post because I thought I might find a good deal on a new rub and tug.
  18. I've often wondered what a 22" would be like to ride... Cool stuff.