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  1. Thanks dude. I'm was pretty sure they're 76ish so they should fit well with the bike I'm doing... Funny how hard it is to get some actuall dates on the Webco stuff. I'm going to check in with Rick Twomey on this...
  2. Hope I'm in the right forum here... I can't seem to figure out the years that Webco started and stopped selling their Mags. I'm building a "best of 76" hybrid bike and was wondering if the WM's would fit that era. Any info on them would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Sorry I just joined up yesterday, I wouldn't have taken 2 years to get the info to ya! LOL Thanks for the compliment on the Webcos. I think the Webcos look great in almost any color but I'm actually stripping those black ones and trying to get them back to the Goldish natural finish with a clear coat sealant. I also have one done in a very cool powder coat that looks almost stainless... There are some great new "metal finish" style powder coats you might want to look into as they powder coat pretty easily. BTW, just checked out some of your builds... Sick! The Mono-shock stuff is so frickin' bad-ass!!! Sodbuster is too cool and he has helped me on much info also. Cheers!
  4. Took me over two years to tell you this, but the answer is: yes. Top MM is Shimano MX and lower is Bendix 76. Webco's work with both as well. http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh73/mo...er/DSC03732.jpg
  5. [Admin Note: This topic has been split off from another unrelated thread] To the "deleting my account guy", I say... Did you at least get a T-shirt? Also, because I joined yesterday, does that mean I'll get emotionally raped by all these vicious old BMX'rs too? Jeez, maybe I'll quit too. Then again I'm 44, still ride allot and kind of mean too, so I might see how long I can stand it... It sort of seems like a mid 70's catwalk contest with the tough guys in the old hood but now my old 76 Goose is a plastic key board and the streets are "internets" LOL I do have a frickin' mint 76 again now and a few other devestating 70's Geese, so I'm all full circle again but with the Al Gore Internets!!! I love saying Internets! But first, my Mongoose madness must be satisfied: I seem to recall Satin Matte as the name of the finish on the goose bars... I'm going to look it up again... As to Black Oxide being the factory finish used on bike parts from the old Ashtabula forge, I know most people just call it Black Oxide, but it may be not... A couple serious and wise dudes who seem to have deep knowledge on this have emphatically stated to me that it was a Phosphate coating not Black Oxide. I just don't frickin' know for sure. I do know Black Oxide doesn't leave those little crystals like you can see here: http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh73/mo...estuff008-1.jpg Because the old forge on Prospect Rd. apparently burned down around 81-82, it's really hard to get any emperical data on this. Here's some stuff I wrote on this before: Ashtabula and Zinc Phosphate... Now this is where I'm totally getting confused... I need some real serious help/research on this. The best would obviously be to hear from someone who worked at Ashtabula or had direct knowledge of their finishing process. I've tried but the Ashtabula Forge trail gets cold real fast or should I say hot fast as it apparently burned down somewhere around 81... More Mongoose mysteries to be figured out... Anyhow, I've recently learned that Phosphate and Oil over Manganese may have been used as well. This is getting really complex but I'm sure someone will get to the bottom of this. Here's a good pic of the Phosphate and Oil over Maganese finish: http://429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com/phosoil3.jpg I've also learned these type of Phosphate finishes were originally invented by some guy named Parker. They were used primarily on weapons/guns and the process is also known as "Parkerizing". Check out this pic: http://webpages.charter.net/usmcsilver/ima...ightremoved.jpg Looks like my NOS forks but more deadly...LOL I'm now seriously considering getting a frame done in this finish if I can find someone to do it and if it isn't too costly. I'd bet that it would look totally sick on any rebuild, frame or forks or Webco mags or MM's... Hmmm...