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  1. Cool looking frame. Question: What is the connection to BMX Products and the decals? Were the old Mongoose/BMX Products decals simply copied with different lettering for a reason?
  2. Cool effect! We used to call it Catwalking... We would measure distance by houses as in, "Hey man, I just catwalked 12 houses!" Haha!
  3. Not sure if this has been posted here or how many of you have already seen it, but tonight was the first time I got to see it so, I thought I'd share. I can really appreciate how much effort, time and money went into this, not to mention some sick riding. Filmed and Directed by Stu Thomson. Enjoy! http://haivl.tv/video/2079
  4. I'm jealous! Those frames are what Skip Hess, Hoppy Brooks and Chuck Smith used as a specific design reference (along with Webco frames) for the first Mongoose frames. Love the OG finish. I think any 76ish stuff would work on it, look s great!
  5. I gotta second that. Plus, I can't think of anyone who actually pioneered a good part of the whole 70's BMX thing, then went as far for so long - at such a high level - as Tinker has. Actually I'm pretty sure there is no one else who has accomplished his longevity and success in more than one bicycle based sport/discipline.
  6. Holy Fuck! Those rarely pop up in that kind of shape! That finish is sick!
  7. The suspense is killing me!!! Ha! I love these little investigative mysteries that appear when collecting BMX history... I believe JMC may also be right about this being a shorty... If that's the case that would most definitely make it a '77 or '78 as I've haven't seen any '79 shorty's... Ya never know though with the crossover parts on these old birds... Can't wait to find out!
  8. Just for fun, I want to place a bet on this RD/Goose's birthday. I'm gonna say January 1979 (A9######).
  9. Great point about the coaster tab... Couldn't see it when I first looked at these pics. That would definitely make it between early '79 and no older than some point in '77 (due to the non-existing BB gusset).
  10. From what I can see, it could be any year starting from '77 but not older than '81. I'm leaning towards it being older than '81 because of the sprocket which I doubt was ever changed. For some reason I seem to recall seeing a few 1979's with this sprocket but there are older ones with it as well. Short of removing that BB sticker or somehow figuring out how to reveal the S# beneath it (maybe a light heat impression?), you could always remove the cranks and check them for a year. They look to be original as well. I think those are likely Tuff 1's as well. That would also indicate this bike to be closer to '77 than '81. There are certainly a few guys around here who know infinitely more than I do about these RD's so, hopefully we'll have some more hypothesis added to this. KenC, you still around? Anyhow, congrats on a nice score and you surely have some good detective work coming up for you as well! Enjoy!
  11. If possible, I'd vote for trying to put it together the way you raced it. That seems to make the most sense to me, at least from a nostalgic point of view. By the way, your use of the two words "componentry" and "extant" is one of the all time highlights of high end grammar usage I've witnessed on this site. There is no doubt you're a smart dude John (not to mention having great taste in vintage BMX bikes)!
  12. Wow those are amazing survivors! Killer score! When u said u got that '76/'77 cheap, I was very envious. Cheap price for priceless survivor is the ratio that rocks! Very jealous here in Tennessee!
  13. From doing so many nickel Goose frames, I'd just say use an abrasive pad made of softer material than nickel. 3M nylon srub pads are great. Very thin Brass wool is amazing too for this kind of stuff. Use the scrub in conjunction with some type of light acidic liquid or polishing paste. Liquid could be lemon or lime juice or ketchup or coke or whatnot. The polishing paste could be any over the counter stuff like Mother's etc. I'm sure it'll turn out great.
  14. I wonder if any of the frames are salvageable. Those old Mongoose frames are tougher than hell. The fire might just have gotten rid of the surface rust and crap and left them ready for primer or re-plating!
  15. Not too sure if he only found out it wasn't a Goose after a couple PM's... In the OG ad he stated some deep knowledge regarding the bottom bracket timeline, serial numbers and flared seat stays etc. I think this was initially a crime in progress that was foiled.
  16. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-1976-Mongoose-Motomag-20-BMX-Chrome-Old-School-/231004981385
  17. I would be remiss if I never acknowledged how quite a few guys from this site have really helped me out and have been a huge inspiration to me over the last few years when it comes to old school BMX. This video in no small way, is a direct result of some of that selflessness and general camaraderie I have experienced on this site. I would never have been able to make it without all the help I've received around here. I'm always amazed that so many people have checked this video out and (hopefully) have been inspired to embark upon their own restoration/collection projects (read: Mid-life crisis). To know that I have continued to spread the word of old school BMX through any means possible (YT being a great forum), is one of my most gratifying thoughts.
  18. Great bike! Any pics of the OG finish?