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  1. Thanks guys! I didn't think my pics were really that great. But this is the first year I've had a semi-decent camera to take pics and thought I'd just try it out.... and i guess they turned out better than I thought. I posted my pics up on my facebook and a bunch of my friends thought they were really cool and are considering coming to next years summer slam! I always enjoy getting my friends to come to things like this, haha. And my boyfriend's boss was apparently really into BMX when he was my age so we might have to bring him along next year also....(coulda gotten him to come up this year, but Unadilla Nationals were that day also and he took his kids up there to watch the MX races, lol) I have to say that over the years I have found myself becoming more and more fond of these retro-BMX bikes. The passion that you guys have is starting to rub off on me I guess, haha. I have found that I have a real liking for retro PK-Rippers, haha. Who knows... maybe sometime soon i'll have to start building my own!
  2. MOD NOTE: I SPLIT OFF THE POST-PARTY ENTRIES INTO THEIR OWN THREAD. LET'S CONTINUE TO USE THIS LOCATION TO SHOW TALK ABOUT SUMMER SLAM SIX. Here's my link to my photobucket account. Summer Slam VI - Flatland Session Took some pics of everyone doin some flatland stuff in the roads. Couldn't tell ya who is who haha I wasn't aiming for professional pics at all, just some pics in general(half of my pics have Smokin_Endo in them taking pics of everyone, haha) enjoy && lemme know what you think. This is the first time since BP has been putting on this awesome gathering(i'm talking back whenSummer Slam was Fall Brawl!) that I have had SUCH a great time. A few of you guys I have known since I was 13 (brian britt, lil jon, mike(akcuda) to name a few), and I didn't realize that until brian b pointed it out to me last night. I wouldn't trade these friendships for the world. I get to see you guys once a year(twice if I'm lucky) and yet you always seem to remember everything about me. You guys are pretty much an extended family and you guys are all amazing. I look forward to many more Summer Slams(and maybe even a few rides like in philly or jersey city) to make many more memories!
  3. Endo, you bringin' the Mrs again this year? So excited for this, you guys have no idea. Just found out I passed my Calculus class I've been taking all summer... so just gives us one more reason to have a good time Saturday! From what I can see, weather is gonna be amazin! Can't wait to see everybody! :]
  4. Brian... If you need any help wit anything let me know
  5. 5 days! Can't wait to see everybody!
  6. Beerfest is that weekend also at Crystal Springs, haha
  7. Essentially the best part of the whole thing... and the part I have the most memories from the last 5 Summer Slams, hahahah
  8. I can't wait. Looks like it's going to be loads of fun like it always is! XD SO STOKED!
  9. Are we going to have another "garage band" like last year?! That was some EPIC stuff right there XD
  10. yeah but it will all be worth it in the end Steph Can't wait to see everyone It most definitely will Bri! I'm so pumped, I haven't seen everyone in such a long time! (Since the last summer slam!) Been so busy with college && working when I'm not in class that I haven't been around much, but I already put in my request of off for that WHOLE weekend, haha! :] I hope to see all the familiar faces I've come to know so well over the last few years... I CANT BELIEVE ITS ALREADY SUMMER SLAM SIX!!!! Feels like I just met most of you guys last year!
  11. So excited! Not gonna lie, this is probably one of the most exciting things that will happen for me this summer, cuz I spend the whole summer taking classes at the college! Blah! Can't wait to see everyone! :]
  12. hasn't been on in the LONGEST time... how's everyone been?!

  13. Haha, yess. That was the bike josh & dylan started building. But then John W. & I busted out the Fast Times At Ridgemont High, and went from there... hahah. Amazing night. :]