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  1. Pat, glad to hear you are still around! I haven't been doing anything either but still have quite a bit of my stuff
  2. I don't think it is rare or worth a whole bunch but if you like it and the price is reasonable to you, go ahead and pick it up.
  3. How much are you looking to get out of it?
  4. Thanks for the responses. It does seem to be nicer quality than the Bell helmets of the era. The lining is very nice on it. There really is no info to speak of on them .
  5. They made the shin guards Mel Gibson wore in Mad Max. there's a huge following for those in Japan but I don't know on the helmets
  6. I haven't been active on here to speak of as my business just doesn't allow much time for hobbies anymore. I have been searching for about the last year and haven't been able to find any information or photos posted of these. I have one dated 1979 and just would like to know if anyone remembers them or has any information on them.
  7. Nice Blazer frame! Looks almost just like mine! You getting out of them or just have too many?
  8. Texasbmx, mine is up for sale. Hit me up if you are still interested. I need to do some uncluttering of my life and part of that involves selling off the BMX stuff that I am coming to the conclusion I will never do anything with.
  9. Good to see you on here Nick! I lurk a lot too. I don't have time to spend on here as much and I haven't built a bike in a really long time but still like it here.
  10. EDIT, I looked and did post the pad but not any pictures of the Raider. Sorry that I can't get to it. I haven't got a chance to go through this whole post and I don't remember if I have posted it up but I have a 26" Panda and handlebar pad. Can't get to the Panda to take pictures though
  11. I just looked at my 24 and the serial is stamped on the left side drop out UPSIDE DOWN!