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  1. The blue HARO shorts rock ! Nice photos ... tks
  2. A couple ball bearings in the handlebar is a go ... best is when it takes them a week to figure out WTF is going on with their ride
  3. I remember Evansville ... good times , Have any pictures of the old Fort Wayne , Indiana track ( Rockhill Park )? ... or better yet a time machine .
  4. Sorry guys , I will get a couple shots of the forks when I get back to my place this weekend .... I never look back at my old posts ( figured they showed up under new content ) . I didnt mean to leave every one hanging , I will post back when I have pics ....
  5. getting older by the minute

  6. I work and race ... I dont have time to check in all the time .... just letting you guys know so no one gets burned by this azz . If you would like a pair of fake se forks I have about 10 more pairs to unload. Give you the same deal $ 20.00 a pair .... $40 shipped to your door , you will need to go find fake se decals for them , maybe you can get a couple sets of the decals from Mr. Evon
  7. I just sold these forks to this guy ( Richard ) and this guy goes and puts decals on them and is selling them on the bay as S.E forks .... WTF .... they are generic brand forks and came without decals ... beware everyone. http://www.ebay.com/...=item3f159e8155 photos from the auction added for the record
  8. mexico stamped makes me think Kastan but that is a 100% guess ...... I dont even know if Kastan made bars ... I do know they have mexico stamped on the forks and the frames .....
  9. I would guess the same time as the first 20" bike for dirt ....
  10. Found this digging around today and thought I would share it