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  1. it could be if thats what you conceder rare but not the rarest on the bmx side and besides its not that old to be that rare thamks
  2. this pic is david clinton/marvin church (on the yamaha bike) putn it to johnny,mel.and bobby e does smoke get in your eyes lol
  3. yes i raced here flashlite start on blacktop, turns around trees and a fast ass guy name perry kramer rideing a shit brown bike ( stingray) this was as fun as it gets back in the day ron macler was a funny guy rich lee man great times i will look to see if i have any pic im sure i do
  4. cash where is marvin church sr in this no good come on cash where is the love for hof
  5. Probably cost more than this bike! Here's the Missus inspecting her "Green Machine"... wow thats a nice bike she must really love that and she will be just fine in that factory mongoose aprel on thats so cool nice job you drummer you
  6. going great mell those are the bikes of history and that honda i remember riding that at 13 what a white nuckler
  7. sidehack photo yarnell thats a cool shot myself and scot b old school forsure
  8. he is yanking you chain naw really
  9. that shit is tooo funny not you being out bid but the video
  10. This guy has been racing for thirty something years do you know who this is?????
  11. where can that bmxacan be thought this was prety funny ha ha just jokeing bobby
  12. this guy is so cool this was a good time to be in the H.O.F with everything that happend in 08 for B.M.X
  13. that is wendy os photo bonsai scott rockwell siting on the hill i have pictures just like this o'yeah
  14. sick love those face mask oldschool yeah cool john keep them coming sick love those face mask oldschool yeah cool john keep them coming