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  1. The one kid looks like the kid from the show "Our House" ???
  2. Anyone know of the 90's era Mongoose Expert's were full chromoly??
  3. U guys kill me with the duct tape talk. U should be ashamed putting duct tape on a bike! Duct tape, riding through puddles. Sacriligious (pardon my spelling, lol) I tell u! A bunch of cavemen, that's what u are!...
  4. Seeing that first pic of Eddie w/the bow reminded me of how every year I would look forward to the annual X-Mas buyers guide in BMX Plus. Remember those?? The cover photo was always great, loaded w/cool parts in an array of colors...Although I don't remember seeing an Eddie Fiola for sale??...
  5. I just can't get over how nice that turned out! Some serious dedication went into that rebuild. I wish I had that much patience. Again, Awesome job!
  6. WOW. Now that is what I call a true RESTORATION!!! U definately brought a legend back from the dead. Awesome job!!! :ThumbsUp:I just can't get over how good that thing looks. U certainly put some serious time into it.
  7. Yea, 1 3/8. I'm thinking maybe he meant to say 1 1/8? I'm not real saavy on some of the new school stuff, but even I never heard of 1 3/8.
  8. Ok, I emailed a seller on ebay about his auction for a nos set of Mongoose forks. I asked him if they are 1 1/8. He replied telling me that they are 1 3/8 but that they will fit my head-tube. Will I have trouble finding a headset/gyro for this??
  9. Ha! That's my old Trick Star, but with that rare caliper on it. I sold it to Caz a few years back. I can tell because of the blue Hutch tires on the black rims, I think they were either BFR or Sun?? It's an 84' that I had re-chromed. That's one I should've kept
  10. "i wanted it to just be cleaned up, not restored"...Are u serious?! That looks awesome!!! But I agree with Paulie, u gotta lose the duct tape brother, lol. Throw a colored zip tie on there!
  11. Yea, When Jeff and I interviewed him we asked him about switching from flat to vert and he told us about his surgeries. But I wonder if he does any flat when he's just messing around? It would be like Michael Jordan never dunking a ball in his backyard hoop. Man, I remember Dennis winning so many contests during the late 80's. Remember when they use to give away trucks and dirt bikes as prizes?! It was like I would see Dennis in an issue of BMX Plus with a new vehicle every month! lol.
  12. Wow, It didn't even make into the 90's!? I would've guessed at least 91'. Thanks for the info Josh.