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  1. dam trixters .......thanks for the info. dion man that sucks .....good try though...thank God for os bmx.
  2. 401flightcranks...bro the first cranks are fake???? wow how can i tell.
  3. i am building a super cross . have strong arm cranks , got the spindle mixed up or lost. the one i found that seemed to work ..cranks wont tighten . any ideas , i believe they are first gen
  4. too kool link...thanks i really like jammer , love the history. he dis a lot of the first bmx track lay outs .
  5. see them hubs ...man i love em , and the 7b's. perfect. so are the hubs dura ace?
  6. lets do a show your gjs thread i know there are some more sweet ones out there abomb's got that red one i love
  7. i think i remember it was it pick up only ..shimano decals? nice job ...jove the gjs
  8. just so you know, before you send him an email........... his name is spelled 'linn' check your inbox for the address yikes thanks lol dion
  9. when i got this i could see where the cycle pro decals were. this is a spoiler. i thought that if it was a race it was called an ra 5 ....i stand corrected , never too old to learn thanks brian dion
  10. heres the bb anyone know how to contact lynn kastan
  11. i guess its from az , came from mr b's bike shop...euro bb, head tube has an awful re weld. a guy on vintage remembers one identical to it bitd..had a cooks stem and bars.it has cooks forks now campy bb, bob reedy pedals and the wrong wheels laced with campy track hubs(super vintage) ...i believe someone modernized it in the early 80's i was told to ask perrry kramer or barefoot john....the owner of mr b's remembers lynn kastan making some frames sold threw his shop in the mid 70's