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  1. I would love to know this info as well please. Thanks!
  2. "To each their own" on ways to use Ebay. There are so many different ways and strategy's to sell stuff now. Ebay is stuck in the rut of High buy It Now prices because most aren't willing to part with their goodies. We all have our own strategies for searching and buying as well as finding and selling on there.
  3. Awesome piece of BMX History......Great find! Thanks for sharing........I love threads like these!
  4. Very nice bike.....Nothing wrong with the GT Pro bars.......Best bars ever in my opinion!
  5. Cool story.......Welcome to the site. I can't wait to see the pictures and thanks for sharing.
  6. My very first BMX almost exactly! Christmas of Probably 1977?
  7. Well it looks sweet, I'm sure you will tighten it up!
  8. Nice Sting Andy! You know I love it!How does it ride?
  9. Show some pics of how you display your collection. Kind of a weak topic but I'm in the garage gettin buzzed and looked up and thought thats fuckin' awesome! Bad ass NOS Mini Stings and Motley Rockin' the 83' US Festival. I always thought this poster was the shit from the first time I saw it in the mall back in the day and still to this day it's my favorite!