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  1. Condolences to his friends and family. Rest in peace, Scot.
  2. "A friend of mine suggested that the guy putting on the decals that day was probably stoned. :blink:" I don't remember working at either place. ;) Very nice cruiser. Appreciate the extra info posted too.
  3. 1993 GT Jr. Performer LBS pick up. Bone stock minus the rear tire. I only wish it was a little older. My youngest is too big for a pit, so I'll be offing this on Pee-bay.
  4. Running late to work this morning, I could only pass the 20 something garage sales and bum out. With only $32.00 in my wallet... I slammed on the car brakes and asked the guy how much he wanted for the bike. "$40.00", shit, all I have is $32 in cash on me. "I'll take $32.00". Yay! On my first ride, I was doing good until the stem went loose, giving me 3 things moving in different directions.
  5. 1985 ROSS MTB off the CL. 35lbs! Came with heavy gauge SUN metal ('83) steel rims. Sun alloy 5 speed rear Araya front Old school double stem Mesa MTB bars Hunt Wilde grips Sugino crank P.S. Still bummed about missing another reunion. My fellow co-workers snaked me on vacation scheduling. I know... if I want sympathy, I can find it in the dictionary between "Shit" and "Syphilis"
  6. Great story. Nice ride. Paid storage and safe keeping, can't beat that.
  7. Very nice! Always dug the Moxie orange, and the Mathews gusset.
  8. Good eye, Spur! Another picture with a more Klunker bar setup.
  9. Worksman Cycles 26" Cruiser with a Monarch fork. Worksman steel rims!
  10. These are from scans I did of the Popular Cycling article. The last shot I believe is me hanging out. The photo was from the Barron's archives.
  11. What kind of help do you need? Thanks for the site support.
  12. Best I can do. Sticker was in the bag, and sold.
  13. My oldest kid never showed much interest in BMX, but he is looking for a 26" Fixed Gear Freestyle to tool around with his Brony-Hipster friends Anyway, Subrosa has a nice Letum FFS bike with 700c, but I can't find a US price or anything about 2013 models. http://subrosabrand....0013&id=5987089 This Eigthinch Butcher for $549 with sealed everything is pretty hard to beat. http://www.ws-outlet...tcher-bike.aspx
  14. Nice! ...then you come home one day, and the wife goes "Honey, I traded my Mongoose for a Hybrid."