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  1. Not sure why nobody posted pics of the Webco Super Stem, unless they were deleted.
  2. The first Cook forks had a small steer tube, these look late 70's or early 80.
  3. Out of all the bikes I sold off when I broke up my collection, this is the one I truely miss. Here is how it looked before I cleaned it up.
  4. According to an interview that I did with Linn Kastan in 2001, he kept a ledge of all the Redline frames he built until about early 1978. In March of 1978, he was at Frame # 010500. Being that your frame is #25267, it might be a safe guess that it is a 1979 frame. Also most of the literature supports plated frames in 1979. I read your interviews with Linn, lots of helpful info, thanks for taking the time! I have noticed he contradicts himself in a few of the interviews he has done though, just shows he is human. Very stand up guy, even took time out to answer some questions I had for him during my research. 25267 would be early 79, they went to the 340xxx serial numbers in mid 79 Chrome wasn't available to the public till 1980, prior to that white and red were the only colors available to the public, chrome was only on the Team bikes in 78 and 79.
  5. Wow, it was yours? I'd have posted this one in the "Regrets" POST A FEW DAYS BACK... NO WORRIES, I know we all got bikes and wOmen we shoulda kept...It's part of the SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA club.... I miss it, but I don't regret selling it, the money from selling off my collection helped me keep my house after my divorce. That would be the only thing to make me regret selling that bike off.
  6. Looks good Shawn. I miss that bike, but I'm glad it went to a good home.
  7. Lots more good info, here is another Redline info thread I started a couple years ago. http://bmxsociety.com/topic/49686-70%E2%80%99s-redline-serial-numbers-vs-years/ The one thing that needs to be added though is that all Japan made frames had the serial number with the date code letters "RI" 1979, "RJ" 1980, "RA" 1981, "RB" 1982, etc. etc. The date code letters were from the Kawamura factory and these were all sold as complete bikes. The USA made frames after mid 79 had the six digit serial number "340xxx" "345xxx" "375xxx" etc. etc. and had no stamp, and were all sold as frame or frame and fork sets. The only complete USA made bikes were bike shop built, not factory built. The hot dog stamp was around 81 and the oval stamp started around 82 on Japan made frames, but the bars were stamped as far back as 79ish They made frame and forks in the US through 83 or 84, but the completes made in Japan were just such a better deal that they just didn't sell near as many USA made frames and they just phased them out. They also had some Aussie made frames without a serial number, and some with serial numbers in the 30000s
  8. I agree 100% and I'm not one to part out nice survivors just for a profit, but it seems nobody is wanting to pay anything for completes right now and those of us that have to sell their bikes don't all have the ability to sit on them, or sell for way less than they are worth. I have a 79 EK Torker survivor that I bought from the original owner, the bike is loaded with good parts but the only serious interest I have in the bike is the parts on it, I hate the idea of parting it, but I can't sit on it any longer so it may end up being parted in the very near future.
  9. Hey Dave, the decals were chrome, red, and blue, here are some pics of my original finish Tandem so you can get an idea, I'll email some close ups to you as soon as I can get the bike out. Kevin (KRISTEVIN) is the one to talk to about getting decals, he Knows Gary personally and had permission to make the decals. The last I talked to him, he had planned to have them made. The Hack uses the same decals, a head tube goes on the lower front of the fender and a top tube decal goes on the one cross bar.
  10. I believe it was 77 or 78, I have a set of Super Maxy cranks that take 1/2" pedals and I think they are some of the first made. The ones I have came from my 77/78 G-Boy and the guy I bought it from bought it new.
  11. The 75/76 single gusset frames were the cheap mild steel frames, the double gusset frames in 75 & 76, basically the Mongoose frame with Super-X decals were the chrome moly frames, and from the research I've done, and from the only three 75/76 single gusset frames that have surfaced so far, they were both made during 75 and 76, not one before the other. In fact, the lowest BMX Products serial number that I know of is 10006 and that is the single gusset 75 Super-X that Osrlracer found, and the other two single gusset frames (the one I found and the one JHD found were XL6 11708 and XL6 11776 which were late 76's) The chrome moly Super-X frames didn't vary from the Mongoose double gusset frames till early 77 when they came out with the boomerang shaped gusset.
  12. That was the first thing that came to my mind as well. I can't wait to see pics, 702 would be a 75 serial number, but nothing is for sure without seeing pics of the frame.
  13. I came across this website while researching what we think is my dads old redline. from what it looks like it looks like a mid to late'70's bmx bike. It looks like his younger brother started sanding it and painting it. We would like to confirm our research and the history we know about it from my dads cousin that used to race it. My dad got it when he was twelve and wants to help me get it going again for my 12th birthday this summer. The serial number is 702. We can try to get pics up soon. Any help would be appreciated. Need pics to know for sure what you have.
  14. A 16" in 68 would be a Midget. What color is it and does it have fenders?
  15. It's not BMX, but I built this for my son when he was 4. He took a second place trophy the first show he entered it in. I let him ride it quite a bit though.